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The Cancer Free Life Blog

Clear Skin Smoothie

Get rid of your acne creams and cleansers and start drinking this Clear Skin Smoothie.

What your skin really needs is fruits, vegetables, and powerful supplements. The skin is our largest organ and it needs nutrients to cleanse and heal just like rest of our organs.

This Clear Skin Smoothie recipe combines vital nutrients that will feed your skin and clear your acne.  Smoothies work best because ingredients that are blended are more bioavailable than those that we chew, meaning we will extract more of essential nutrients and absorb them quickly into the bloodstream.

Here’s what your skin will love:

Aloe Vera – Improves […]

Adult Acne is an Epidemic!

I thought after I left my teen years, my acne was going to clear up. Well…I was so wrong. It was just as bad as an adult and sometimes worse. I remember coming up with all kinds of reasons not to go to work or to parties, because of my breakouts and that was depressing!

I know my diet and lifestyle were interfering with my skin. I was eating tons of sugar, carbs, processed foods and chemicals, like all the sugar-free and fat-free crap?! 

For me, this was a sign of a bigger issue, we were never meant to be fighting […]

Rosemary and Thyme Gluten Free Bread

Living gluten free is pretty easy, but when it comes to the bread, that’s where I have a real issue.  I miss soft, moist bread, that doesn’t have a spongy consistency!  I miss flavor and memories of warm bread coming out of the oven.

I have been playing around with gluten free bread recipes for months now. I even have a kombucha sourdough starter living in my fridge as I write this, and I am more than willing to “feed” it daily and wait for weeks on end, just to get a taste of a sourdough again!

I have found one […]

By |August 22nd, 2014|Food, Recipes, Snacks|0 Comments

The World Needs You, But Not As a Fixer!

We all want to help people. Heck, I’ve made an entire career focused on healing people with intense symptoms. It feels good to be genuinely helpful…until it doesn’t. I found myself totally depleted by taking on the negative energies of others, which lead me to questioning:

Is possible to care for others and still care for myself?

I find this particularly taxing in my closest relationships, with my family and dear friends. The line between what is their “stuff” and what is mine is easy to blur. All of the sudden, I make their problems my own and go to sleep […]

Serotonin Boosting Summer Vegetable Minestrone

This week’s recipe is a serotonin boosting, hormone balancing winner. As you know from this week’s health tip blog, there are powerful, holistic ways to heal depression. Be sure to read the blog to find out what you didn’t know about depression.

But first, add this depression busting recipe to your cookbook!

Summer Vegetable Minestrone

Serves 6


2 T organic coconut oil

2 garlic cloves, diced

1 small white onion, diced

1  small leek, sliced thin

1 large heirloom carrots, diced

2 celery stalks, chopped

1 ear organic corn, cut off the cobb

¼ pound white asparagus, cut into 1-inch chunks

¼ pound artichoke hearts, diced (fresh or frozen)

¼ pound mushrooms, sliced […]

By |August 15th, 2014|Food, Recipes, Soups|0 Comments

Is Your Depression a Hormone Imbalance?

Sometimes I FEEL CRAZY! But I resent the idea that it’s all my fault. A general sense of crazy is running our political affairs, our media, and our economy. It comes on strong, like a wave of noise, everyday.

If I never feel crazy, I’m not really living. I’m in denial.

So am I crazy? Or, is it more accurate to say that I am one of millions of women who are waking up? We know that there’s got to be a better way.

But for many of us, depression sets in and its symptoms are debilitating. Have you noticed that when you […]

Classic Glo Bars

Every woman needs a go-to snack on hand at all times. Especially those of us who suffer from sudden onset cravings at a moments notice. The challenge is in finding a grabbable option that is satisfying yet oh-so healthy.

These Glow Bars have become a household staple, both of my daughters are obsessed with them, it’s now a weekly thing for me to whip up (in addition to my coconut kefir yogurt, which these pair so well with). Good thing, they are super easy, I can make them in under 30 minutes and have on hand for the week.

The secret to making […]

Say Bye Bye to Painful Periods!

Listen up ladies!!  You don’t HAVE to suffer through your periods anymore!  I can’t tell you the amount of women who come to see me with intense hormonal issues and periods that debilitate them.  Enough is enough – you can make 5 simple changes that will lead to freedom from monthly agony.

It’s all crap that we shall suffer monthly with tender breasts, anxiety, bloated tummies, headaches, acne (and much more) for 1-2 weeks a month!! Why are women walking around thinking this is normal to feel this way? Can you tell that I am OVER it?  On an even […]

Super Hydrating Watermelon Salad

After a good sweat session the only things I want to eat are cooling, refreshing, and rehydrating.  Of course, my body naturally wants to replace liquids lost, but I also feel so much better about myself when I replenish my body with nourishing nutrients!

Whether it’s a yoga session, workout, or infrared sweat, nothing is better to follow it up with than my Super Hydrating Watermelon Salad. The main ingredients of this salad have a water content over 90%.  Watermelon contains 91.5% water, watercress 93%, and radish 95.3%…we are talking some of the most hydrating whole foods you can eat!

Besides […]

7 Reasons to Sweat it Out

Growing up, I’d go on these amazing wellness getaways to Rancho La Puerta with my mom. During our stays at this retreat, visits to the sauna were a daily ritual.  I saw firsthand that this experience was beneficial for her health.

Years later, after my own cancer diagnosis, I took what I learned from Rancho La Puerta and went to get my sauna sweat sessions in as often as possible, and even further down the road, as I started creating cleanses for restaurants, I knew I had to elevate the detoxing experience for my cleanse clients.  I wanted them to […]