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The Cancer Free Life Blog

How My Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me to Forgive

I talk a lot about how my stress and poor diet lead to a devastating cancer diagnosis. But, the more time passes, the more I see the root cause of my cancer was my inability to forgive. I used to hold a grudge like it was my mission. If […]

Tempeh Fricassee with Leeks & Mushroom

This week on my blog, I shared with you my top tips for decoding those mystifying food labels.  Whether it be true portion size or hidden sugars, it never feels like you can fully trust the label.

There is one simple way around that – simple, do it yourself cooking, […]

By |September 12th, 2014|Dinner, Food, Recipes|0 Comments

Getting it Straight – 7 Easy Tips to Decode Food Labels  

Am I crazy, or is reading a food label far more confusing than my college calculus class? Every time I visit a grocery store, I am shocked by the length food manufacturers will go to deceive us, the customers. We are busy people who don’t have the time to […]

Grown Up Fig Bars

I was surprised to find in my research, that figs are a natural food source to fight off parasites due to their high fiber content and ability to help clean the intestinal tract. After my own scare with parasites (you can read more here), I became focused on foods […]

By |September 6th, 2014|Desserts, Food, Recipes, Snacks|0 Comments

Parasites – the Great Masqueraders

Let me tell you a NASTY story. I’m a bit embarrassed to share the gory details, but I am working to be vulnerable across all areas of my life – this blog cannot be separate!

I was in La Jolla at my parent’s house in the shower and…something starting coming […]

Clear Skin Smoothie

Get rid of your acne creams and cleansers and start drinking this Clear Skin Smoothie.

What your skin really needs is fruits, vegetables, and powerful supplements. The skin is our largest organ and it needs nutrients to cleanse and heal just like rest of our organs.

This Clear Skin Smoothie recipe […]

Adult Acne is an Epidemic!

I thought after I left my teen years, my acne was going to clear up. Well…I was so wrong. It was just as bad as an adult and sometimes worse. I remember coming up with all kinds of reasons not to go to work or to parties, because of […]

Rosemary Loaf

Living gluten free is pretty easy, but when it comes to the bread, that’s where I have a real issue.  I miss soft, moist bread, that doesn’t have a spongy consistency!  I miss flavor and memories of warm bread coming out of the oven.

I have been playing around with […]

By |August 22nd, 2014|Food, Recipes, Snacks|0 Comments

The World Needs You, But Not As a Fixer!

We all want to help people. Heck, I’ve made an entire career focused on healing people with intense symptoms. It feels good to be genuinely helpful…until it doesn’t. I found myself totally depleted by taking on the negative energies of others, which lead me to questioning:

Is possible to care […]

Serotonin Boosting Summer Vegetable Minestrone

This week’s recipe is a serotonin boosting, hormone balancing winner. As you know from this week’s health tip blog, there are powerful, holistic ways to heal depression. Be sure to read the blog to find out what you didn’t know about depression.

But first, add this depression busting recipe to your […]

By |August 15th, 2014|Food, Recipes, Soups|0 Comments