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It’s too Expensive NOT to Eat Organic

Why buy an organic apple for $1.50 when you can get a conventional apple for $0.50?

What if your life depended on spending the extra dollar?

You may not see the benefits today, but it all adds up. A lifetime of pesticide ridden, genetically modified foods will leave you with a stiff hospital bill one day…it may cost you your joy, mobility, and freedom.

Here’s a great thing to think about: How much do you spend on rent? Or on your mortgage?

We seem to have no problem spending large amounts of money on our housing. How is it then, that when it […]

Poached Egg over Greens and Shiitake Mushrooms

We all know how to make the simple egg dishes, so today I’m sharing a recipe that will be sure to impress your overnight guests. Not only is this dish delicious (I ate it this morning!) but the ingredients are also calculated. The brilliance of the combination of eggs, mushrooms and collard greens is that the later two ingredients reduce the cholesterol impact of the egg!

If you’re still wondering if you should be eating eggs, be sure to read all about why I say a big YES to eggs on the blog post right before this one. You’ll find […]

Why Eggs Are a Yes for Me

Are you an egg eater? I am and the most commonly asked question I get is, “Elissa, do you think eggs are okay to eat?” So today, I’ll share not only why my answer is a big YES, but also a bit about the incredible benefits of eggs.

Before I jump in, it is vital to clarify that you MUST consider your source when buying eggs. If you are grabbing for conventionally raised eggs, please move over to the organic eggs at the very least. I prefer you find eggs from pastured chickens as opposed to just “free range” or “cage […]

“Super” Green Summer Rolls

This recipe is the multi-tasking maven of nutrition and my go-to on busy days.

The “super” green roll is loaded with super food benefits, and I managed to pack organic leafy greens, shredded napa cabbage, green onions, cucumber, avocado, edamame, cilantro, and carrot into my lunch.  I know, it sounds a little ambitious, but I promise, it’s easy to prep, and once you get the roll up down, I’m confident this will be a go-to lunch recipe for you as well.

The nutrient combos I’m packing this week?

#1 Vitamin K and Healthy Fats

Why?  I want to benefit from the anti-aging qualities […]

5 Food Combinations to Keep You Healthy

Did you know that the cleansing power of our food is exponentially increased when we combine our foods correctly? It’s true – a dish becomes much more than the sum of its parts. Below, I’ll share 5 super food combinations that will make your body smile.

In its raw, unprocessed form, our food contains natural enzymes that aid in digestion.  When combined correctly, certain foods help to digest other foods.  It’s a super charged way to eat and live.

The food coupling method is that it gives you much needed relief from those awful feelings of being bloated, […]