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The Cancer Free Life Blog

Medicinal Mushroom and Spinach Enchilidas

While I love medicinal mushrooms, not all of them are ideal for cooking.  As I discussed this week on my blog, I especially prefer my reishi mushroom in capsule or powder form, their bitter taste just isn’t appetizing for me!

The good news is, the other two classified medicinal mushrooms, maitake and shiitake, have yummy, meaty, umami flavors more suitable for cooking.  Combining maitake and shiitake mushrooms as the main ingredient in one of my favorite types of cuisine (Mexican!), I get to satisfy my cravings and easily make this a meat free dish.

Maitake Mushrooms – increase production of natural […]

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  • Reishi

    Reishi – the Mushroom to Maximize Your Body’s Cancer Fighting Ability

Reishi – the Mushroom to Maximize Your Body’s Cancer Fighting Ability

I used to avoid mushrooms at all costs, until they helped to save my life. See, my mother was deathly allergic to mushrooms. I was trained to stay away. Imagine my surprise, when in my 30’s, I was led to take medicinal mushrooms to battle cancer.

Did you know that the Reishi Mushroom has the following affects on fighting cancer and supporting the body during treatment? Check it out:

Provide smoother recovery for post operative cancer removal
Protect healthy cells from chemotherapy
Prevent cancer cell growth
Encourage natural cancer cell death
Stop tumors and cancer from metastasis
Build up immune strength against cancer cell growth
Reduce side […]

Cherry and Arugula Salad with Summer Vegetable Linguini  

During the summer months, we have four kids back home and making satisfying plant based dinners for them isn’t always easy.

I try to find a happy medium by taking some of the kid’s favorite ingredients and transforming them into teenager approved meatless meals. After all, I want them to leave home with a good taste in their mouth for plant-based foods!

This Meatless Monday, we started with a salad inspired by my daughter Sammy’s favorite food of the moment, organic sweet Bing cherries. Cherries are high in antioxidants, in particular cyanidin, a major cancer fighting antioxidant.  They are also great […]

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Oil Pull for Your Health!

Dental hygiene is typically broken down into two main activities – brushing and flossing. What if there was one more thing to add to your regimen that would not only improve the health of your teeth and gums but also deliver major healing for your whole body?

OIL PULLING is an ancient ayurvedic technique that reduces inflammation, keeps your immunity high and reduces bacteria. Oil pulling has been done for thousands of years, but was only introduced to western culture about 20 years ago.

Mouth health reflects the health of the rest of the body.  Since micro-organisms are fat soluble, as […]

Summer Superfood Blend

I have come to realize that few things can pack in superfoods like a smoothie.  Especially when you’re using powders or capsules, tonics and extracts…it can get overwhelming.

I want you to feel comfortable making the choices that are right for you, and while I would like for everyone to have my favorite superfoods on hand at all times, I recognize that would be asking you to make a substantial investment. What I suggest is getting what you can as you go and over time you will organically create your own superfood supply.

This Summer Superfood Blend is the perfect smoothie […]