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Hello, I'm Ellisa Goodman

Hello, My Name Is

Elissa Goodman

"My mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living helping others embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves."

Personal health and educating others on their health and wellness have been passions of mine for many years. I have had issues with my health for my entire life culminating in cancer and Hashimoto’s in my 30’s. Beyond my own health, I have also struggled while watching various loved ones suffer from health-related issues, including my husband Marc who lost his battle to cancer in his mid-40’s. Despite my many challenges with health, I am so grateful for the lessons that I have learned from them because they have given me the fuel to pass on my knowledge to other people in need.

I have helped thousands of clients improve their health and I would love to work with you as well. If you feel like you could use some support around your wellness, please book a session to work with me here:

The Healthy Lifestyle Blog

My #1 Product for Hydration and Glow On-the-Go

If you have been following me for some time, you know that one of my favorite products to recommend is Ultima Replenisher’s Hydration Electrolyte Powder. Well, Ultima just launched a new line of products, and I want to sing about it from the rooftops because I’m so excited. Ultima Replenisher’s New Beauty Collagen + Electrolyte […]

Brussels Sprouts Crispy Artichoke Salad

The Brussels sprout is a commonly overlooked vegetable. When I ask my clients to provide food journals, I rarely see Brussels sprouts on the list. And when I peek into people’s shopping carts at the grocery store, I see that Brussels sprouts rarely make the cut. But why? Brussels sprouts are highly nutritious. They are […]

The 2022 Health & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holidays! My neighbors have put up their Christmas lights, eggnog is for sale at the grocery store, and I’m thinking about what gifts to get all my nearest and dearest. After Thanksgiving, my calendar fills up, and I often feel overwhelmed by juggling holiday plans, coordinating parties, […]

Pumpkin Crumble Bars

Recipe by @Pamelasalzman In need of a healthy Thanksgiving dessert recipe? These Pumpkin Crumble Bars will blow your mind. The delicious bars taste like a perfect blend between a pumpkin pie and a gingersnap cookie. They would be dangerously addictive, but they’re made with healthier alternatives to typical dessert foods like Hu Gingersnap Cookies, gluten-free […]

Homemade Pickles 

Many people enjoy pickles as a tasty snack or side dish. Did you know that pickles are also a healthy food? Pickles are low in calories and high in nutrients, making them a good choice for people who are looking for ways to improve their health. Made with cucumbers and vinegar, these pickles are low […]

Everything Seasoning Chips

Cravings are our body’s physiological response to everything from emotional reasoning to hormones and stress, and I’m definitely not immune to them! My cravings typically hit me in the late afternoon, when I need a little energy boost.  If I don’t have a green juice, I’m looking for my crunchy, salty pick-me up. I used […]

How I Prep for Thanksgiving as a Holistic Nutritionist

If you’re anything like me, you love a festive holiday gathering with family, friends, and, of course, heavenly food. Thanksgiving is truly the kickoff to such a spirited time of year, and it is probably the holiday best known for its beautiful feasts.​​ However, I’m sure many of you can agree that sticking to your […]

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