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Fermented Foods Strengthen Your Immune System


Many years into my own wellness journey, I still hadn’t jumped on the fermented foods train. As I studied gut health more intensely, I came to recognize fermented foods are probiotic powerhouses! Eating them daily is the one simple tip I pass along to all of my clients who are in desperate need of ways to improve their gut health and boost their immune system.

Fermented foods boost the healthy bacteria ratio in your digestive tract, help repair leaky gut, treat IBS and SIBO, and boost your immune system, as about 80% of your immune system lies in your gut! Want to feel happier and diminish feelings of anxiety? Eat more fermented foods! Happiness is found in your gut too, due to the brain gut connection, even our serotonin releases are tied to how healthy it is.

The chemistry of fermented foods is simple with no processing.  Ingredients are mixed with a salt based starter and are left to sit and steep in their natural sugars and carbs in a controlled environment. Within as little as a day, those sugars and carbs are converted into healthy bacteria boosters.  You eat the foods and you get the healthy bacteria benefit.

Bring back your groove with one fermented meal each day! Here are five delicious ways to try fermented foods this week…

Kimchi Tofu Scrambled Breakfast Tacos from Simple Veganista – Start your day with a healthy scoop of spicy, fermented kimchi scrambled with protein rich, egg replacer of organic tofu. Kimchi is spicy and crisp, and a scoop of day is all you need to boost gut health!

Raw Coconut Yogurt KefirMade with fermented coconut water kefir and fresh coconut meat, my raw coconut yogurt is a natural source of probiotics and it aids in digestion, controls sugar cravings, cleanses the liver, increases energy and actually has a tonifying affect on the intestines.

Sauekraut – It wasn’t until I tried the sauerkraut at one of my favorite vegan spots here in L.A. that I became a believer! Homemade kraut and several artisanal brands like Eden Foods or Sonoma Brinery, have no chemical preservatives or added sugar. Try it on Real Food Daily’s Tempeh Rueben Wrap or add a scoop of it on your favorite salad for lunch.

Tempeh FricasseeOrganic tempeh is a complete protein made from organic, fermented soybean. This recipe is great for Meatless Monday or anytime! In addition to my recipe for yummy tempeh fricassee, you can also serve your tempeh as a bacon substitute, marinated and grilled, or simply sautéed and served over a bowl of steamed rice and veggies.

Dairy Free Kefir – It’s pretty impressive that you can make dairy free kefir from almond milk, coconut milk, and even walnut milk! One of my personal inspirations, Donna Schwenk of Cultured Food Life shares her recipes to make your own dairy free kefirs here:

With all these options and more, there are no excuses to work fermented foods into every day – These are the perfect foods to add to your fridge for improved gut health.  This week, commit to adding in one fermented food for each day and let me know how you feel!



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