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Beet Root Latte

The Beetroot Latte, which blends two of my favorite morning drinks, beet juice and espresso,  is great for those who don’t want to give up coffee but want to load up on nutrients at the same time. Beets are rich in stamina, adding long lasting energy as opposed to a caffeine crash. I drink this when my day is packed with meetings and I want to be sure to shine.

Overall, it’s blood boosting, immune building and has the color of delicious red velvet.

 Beetroot Latte 

Serves 1

4 ozs.fresh organic almond milk

1/3 cup SO DELICOUS Culinary Coconut Milk

1 medium beet, freshly juiced

1 shot organic espresso (optional)

2 inches ginger, freshly juiced

1/2 tsp.alcohol free vanilla extract or 1 tsp. vanilla powder

5 drops Omica Stevia

pinch cinnamon


Blend everything and heat



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