Garlic & Herb Steamed Clams

I’ve been on a bit of a clam kick lately. Clams are ridiculously high in lots of essential nutrients! In fact, for the same serving they have: 19 times more iron than sirloin steak 4.3 times more iron than liver 91 times more B12 than sirloin steak Red meat and liver are often thought of […]

Animal Protein Dinner Recipes

Chicken (or Tempeh) Teriyaki Bowls

Weeknight dinners need to be quick, easy, and healthy. They also need to make fit everyone’s need, so when you’re not cooking for one, I recommend options that can be easily modified. Like this teriyaki bowl. Tempeh for me and chicken for him and both are satisfied. I also compromise on the cauliflower rice and […]

Animal Protein Dinner Recipes

Braised Chicken Thighs over Forbidden Rice

My diet is plant-based 80% of the time. In my practice I’ve found that some clients simply feel and do better when they have a little animal protein. That’s not always the case, but it is common and it doesn’t take much animal protein. We’re talking 1 piece of wild salmon or 4-5 ounces of […]

Animal Protein Dinner Food Recipes

What’s the Deal with Keto?

So what’s the deal with all this this keto diet talk?  Should you do it? Is it worth all the hype? The truth of the matter is, it’s an unrealistic long-term diet that is rarely done the right way. To some, the keto diet might bring images of coconuts, olive oil, avocado, and salmon to […]

Animal Protein Health Healthy Tips

Lamb Meatballs with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

I’m frequently asked if I eat animal protein and the answer is yes. I tried to go vegan for a year and it just didn’t work best for me. My experience led me to understand that we’re all unique in our nutritional needs – what works for you, doesn’t always for me (and vice-versa). I’ve […]

Animal Protein Recipes

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