Greek Pumfu Salad

This Greek Pumfu Salad is one of the most popular dishes on our delivered EG Kitchen Cleanse. And I’ve been making this pumpkin tofu feta for myself non-stop because it’s out-of-this-world delicious and contains prebiotic compounds that help to feed our beneficial gut microbes. I love pairing it with any salad, but especially a delicious […]

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Spring Sweet Pea & Cashew Cream Soup

Spring has come at last. I’m enjoying longer days, more sunshine, and a new bounty at my local farmer’s market. If you come across those plump and bright green sugar snap peas, this is a must-make spring soup recipe. You could replace fresh peas with frozen sweet peas, but I love freshness that comes from […]

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Elissa’s Detox Tonic

Change starts with a choice.  Choices lead to healthy habits. Healthy habits lead to total well-being. I’m often asked in interviews what one habit anyone can start to create a daily practice to support health.  I proudly share my not-so-secret part of my routine, it’s included on my S.O.U.P. Cleanse, and I tell everyone I […]

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Healing Veggie Mineral Broth

This season, I have been reflecting on the bone broth trend and I’m ready to move forward to the next thing. I recently announced that my SOUP cleanse will no longer contain bone broth. While there are certainly benefits to animal bone broth, there are ways to achieve those positive effects that are even healthier […]

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