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Promise me something: you won’t close out of this article just because I’m about to talk about cleansing. I promise you, this is a torture-free zone. I know cleansing has a scary connotation, but lose that vision of starvation by liquids and just give me a chance to change your mind. I believe in cleansing […]

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7 Foods that Detox Heavy Metals

Last week I shared with you the how heavy metal toxins make and keep you sick.  It’s easy to stay unaware of these toxins and their health risks because A.) They don’t even sound real and B.)We’re so accustomed to the toxins in our environment that many of us take on a “I can’t do […]

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Himalayan Salt Lamp: Purifying Your Air

Our highest exposure to polluted air doesn’t take place on the freeway, in the city, or industrial areas (unless you’re working in the coal mine!) most often it’s in our homes! We suffer from invisible pollution to our air, in the form of electromagnetic frequency waves, aka “electro smog”. Electro smog can attribute to: Bodily stress […]

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6 Ways to Detox Your Home

I talk about cleansing your body with wholesome foods and cleansing your soul with forgiveness. Cleansing your home of toxins is just as important. A toxic and chemical free home will provide you and your family many health benefits, a reduced cancer risk being at the top of the list. Here are my 6 tips […]

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Lymphatic Cleanse

Your immune system, bodily cleansing & detoxifying processes, and even your weight is correlated to the health of your lymphatic system. You can get this system in line with a lymphatic cleanse. Don’t wait until diagnosis like I did, it’s time to start taking care of it now as a strong preventative plan against disease […]

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8 Tips to Boost Your Lymphatic System

Thinking about all the toxins in which we’re exposed to each and everyday can be rather frightening. From our cleaning supplies, to our beauty products, to the air we breathe; it can feel like there is no escape! There is something you can do to help your body eliminate these daily toxins and it starts […]

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Turmeric Super Booster

Photo Credit: Ingredients: 1 lemon 1 – 2 inches fresh turmeric 1 -2 inches fresh ginger 2 tablespoons local, raw honey 1 T. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Directions: Juice lemon, turmeric, ginger then add in the honey and apple cider vinegar. Whisk or stir until smooth. Ways to drink : Down the hatch — drink […]

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