Celebrating Dad: 5 Tips for Men’s Health Month

With Men’s Health month already here and Father’s Day just around the corner, I’m getting more questions than ever from clients about what men can do to improve their health and wellness. I want to answer some of those questions here, and what better way to celebrate the guys in our lives than by talking […]

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The Effects of Aging on Bone Health

We all notice small changes as we age. Smile lines, crow’s feet, maybe a few (or many) gray hairs. Marks of wisdom, I like to say! Another aspect of physical aging you might notice is changes in bone and joint health. These changes can be minor—like experiencing less mobility or less flexibility in your elbows […]

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Luxury Skincare’s Best Kept Secret

Some of my clients are surprised to hear that I consider more than nutrition when working to solve their health problems. As a holistic nutritionist, I am here to tell you: food is far from the only piece of your puzzle when it comes to your health! Although it is important to consider what you […]

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My 10 Current Health Obsessions

There are SO many wellness products on the market these days, which is both a positive and a negative. On the one hand, we have seemingly endless product options claiming to support just about any facet of health to choose from, which is fantastic. But on the other, it can be time-consuming and expensive to […]

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The Ingredient I Always Add to My Morning Coffee

Many of my clients are surprised to hear that my mornings almost always include a small cup of organic espresso coffee (yum)! I love the whole ritual—the smell of the freshly ground beans, the warm mug to clutch, the little boost of energy it provides, and yes—I even love the taste!  Sometimes I add a […]

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The Role Stress Plays in Aging

Stress is a normal part of life that we all deal with – and can even be a good thing. Stress can lead to true transformation, motivating us to make change. Short-term stress, that is. Long-term, chronic stress, however, is the kind of stress we need to watch out for and manage – because it […]

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My Spring Commitment: Hydration

We hear it all the time—yet drinking enough water just doesn’t often make the priority list these days. Trust me when I tell you, though; staying on top of your hydration is worth the mindshare. Doing so has the power to improve nearly every facet of your health—from better sleep quality to nourished cells, lubricated […]

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Healthy Aging Tips for Women

For women, society tends to depict aging in a negative light. The result is a widespread belief that getting older inevitably means having less energy, lower libido, bad skin, and a growing collection of health issues. I’m here to tell you this simply is not true. Aging is nothing to be afraid of – because […]

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5 Reasons to Drink More Matcha (Plus My Go-To Products)

Today, it’s no secret that green tea boasts impressive health benefits. Just one cup is rich in antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and more, making it a star in the health world for the last few years. Newer to the scene, though, is matcha. Literally translated from Japanese to “powdered tea,” matcha in Western culture usually […]

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Thorne Wellness Series Part 5: Healthy Aging

Something that always bothers me is the way society depicts aging. It seems our culture tells us that getting older is this slow-impending doom we will all inevitably experience, so we’d better “live it up” while we still have the time. This notion is especially deleterious and prevalent for women. Take it from someone who […]

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