The Key to Immunity: Balance Over Boosting

I recently read An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matt Ritchel and, wow, is it filled with relevant information for today. Ritchel conducted an immense amount of research on the immune system for his book and what he found was remarkable. So many of us […]

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Erewhon’s Dandelion Quinoa Salad

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you have probably heard of Erewhon. It is an upscale health food store known for its organic, local & sustainable groceries as well as prepared foods. I have been shopping at Erewhon for more than 10 years and am fortunate to have created a couple of signature juice blends […]

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The Best Supplements for Immunity

Your immune system is an advanced, strong, complex network of molecules, cells, and  organs working to protect the body from invasion. It’s pretty badass if you ask me and it works to keep us alive, whether we’re under attack from an infection or something a little tricker. Your immune system is beyond simple and is […]

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I Am Here to Support You; We Are in This Together

It is no doubt a scary time for all of us and my heart is with anyone who is sick or has a loved one that is battling COVID-19. With cities going into lockdown, schools closing for the remainder of the semester, travel bans being put into place, major corporations closing their doors, and local […]

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Your Low Carb Diet May Be Harming Your Gut

When people think of carbs, warning bells often sound in the brain. We have been conditioned to fear carbohydrates as the doer of all evil: the macronutrient that contributes to weight gain. In some respects, that is not incorrect. Refined carbohydrates certainly pose a threat to health. They include foods like white rice and white […]

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