Balance Your Chakras Through Food

After reading the title of this blog, you might be thinking, what do chakras have to do with food? Believe it or not, the short answer is … a lot! How you eat can significantly affect your chakras and vibrational energy. Food can unblock and balance chakras to create a healthier energy flow throughout the […]

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Thorne Wellness Series Part 2: Managing Stress

Stress is something we all deal with from time to time. It makes small tasks seem monumental and minor setbacks feel like the biggest of blows. Short-term stress can surprisingly be a good thing, encouraging growth, motivation, and maybe even nudging us out of our ever-cozy, delicately cultivated comfort zones. It’s chronic stress—long-term, consistently overwhelming—that […]

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8 Ways to Boost Metabolism as You Age (Naturally!)

Are you finding it harder to lose weight as you age? If so, you are far from alone! I have many middle-aged clients who are experiencing the same issue. But, rest assured, it’s no fault of your own. The underlying cause of your unintentional weight gain is likely related to your metabolism. As we age, […]

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Normal vs. Optimal Range: Interpreting Your Blood Work

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you go to the doctor with a specific complaint. They order blood work; everything comes back normal. The doctor sends you on your way. You’re relieved your results came back “normal,” but you don’t exactly feel “normal.” You still suspect something is off but don’t know where to turn.  […]

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Q & A with the Founder of MaryRuth Organics

I was so thrilled to recently have the opportunity to interview one of my idols, MaryRuth Ghiyam – the founder of the vegan supplement brand MaryRuth Organics. MaryRuth and her mother, Colleen, founded the brand in 2014 to create wholesome, non-GMO, and plant-based supplements.  MaryRuth is a woman of many talents; she is a Certified Health […]

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Gut Health 101 with Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman

*This post originally appeared on Erewhon As a holistic nutritionist, it’s my passion to help others embrace a healthy lifestyle that allows them to live wholly. This is in part because I know what it’s like to live life feeling, well, less than your best. Although today I am the happiest and healthiest I have […]

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What’s the Difference Between Animal and Plant Iron?

Let’s talk about iron. It’s a micronutrient that is essential for growth and development. The human body uses iron to form hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen around the body to various organs and tissues. This is crucial because adequate oxygen is required by tissues to perform their various functions effectively. […]

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Digestive Enzymes: A Modern-Day Necessity

If you have recently seen a functional physician, nutritionist, dietitian or have been keeping up with the latest health news—you have surely heard of digestive enzymes. Often recommended to aid with ailments such as heartburn, nausea, reflux, or other digestive difficulties, enzymes in their various forms have helped many tolerate foods they once avoided. What […]

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