Why Detox?

Why Should We Detox? Most of us are aware of our external cleanliness. We brush our teeth, wash our hair and take showers. We don’t really think about our internal cleanliness. We don’t think about how the gut, liver, skin and lungs function. Many of these organs are detoxification organs. That’s why detoxification is important- […]

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Stress, Cortisol and The Body

What is Cortisol? Cortisol is a stress hormone designed to give us bursts of energy needed to escape a dangerous situation, like say, running away from a tiger. Unfortunately, modern life often convinces our brains that everything is a stressful situation, and that it’s nearly impossible to escape an overflowing inbox. Instead of resolving the […]

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Why Detox Gluten

What is gluten? Gluten is a compound protein that composes about 80% of the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. There is a lectin in wheat called WGA that is really damaging. Wheat also contains psychoactive chemicals that are similar to those found in well known psychoactive drugs like opium or morphine.  Should I […]

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Hypothyroidism & You

I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that if you’ve driven yourself crazy trying to figure out why you feel lethargic and have gained weight or can’t lose that puffy face or bittle nails- I may have your answer.  The bad news is that the likely culprit- hypothryoidism is a condition […]

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Why Detox Dairy

In case you’re having trouble giving up cheese or milk and need a little motivation, I’ve compiled my top eight reasons on why you should give up dairy, today: Why Should You Avoid Dairy? 1. We’re the only species (other than those we are domesticating) that drinks milk after infancy. And, we’re definitely the only […]

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Food Combining Chart

Curious about food combining? This chart is a great guide! Fruit Starches Meat/Dairy Nuts/Seeds Other Eat alone on an empty stomach Eat with cooked, non-starchy vegetables Eat with cooked non-starchy vegetables Eat with raw vegetables Combine with any food! Examples: Apples Bananas Berries Melon Cherries Papaya Avocados Mango   Examples: Oats Quinoa Rice Gluten-free bread […]

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Mad About Mushrooms

I am a huge mushroom fan and I always encourage clients to add them to their diets.  They are just filled to the brim with health benefits.  Let me share just a few of them. Unlike most vegetables, they keep most of their nutrients even after being cooked so if you don’t always like the […]

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Beef Baffled

These days, it seems you cannot talk health without talking about red meat.  I get asked constantly if I recommend a diet without red meat.  Most health experts whose opinions align with mine suggest moving towards a plant-based diet.  I absolutely agree and suggest this for all my clients.  But a plant-based diet means that […]

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Natural Ways to Knock That Headache

There are so many people who eat healthy and naturally and yet still reach for the Advil when a headache comes knocking. Sure, pills can be the relief for the symptoms but they don’t get to the core of the problem. Often times, headaches are a sign of a deficiency. Of course, most commonly headaches […]

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Why Detox Sugar?

Refined white sugar damages your health from head to toe, negatively affecting your brain, your digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, and immune systems, and even your skin as it contributes to eczema. Sugar also causes water retention, kidney stones, and liver disease. And sugar can damage your pancreas, which gets exhausted as it has to put out […]

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