Brewed Awakening

Everyone likes to talk about coffee.  Most of us would probably prefer to talk about coffee over drinking a cup of coffee!  Coffee is on every corner, in every waiting room and for a lot of us, it’s on our every morning agenda.  It’s one of those things the health community really cannot agree on: […]

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Keep Calm With Lemon Balm

Not a day goes by that something interesting doesn’t pop up on my radar.  I am always amazed at herbal and holistic remedies and uses that I didn’t know about before.  Something that I recently learned a lot about is Lemon Balm and it’s so fascinating I had to share.  Lemon Balm is an amazing natural […]

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10 Tips For Preserving Your Pearly Whites

Once our baby teeth are gone, we are dealt one pair of teeth intended to last a lifetime.  Considering how much drinking, eating, snacking, chewing, munching and crunching we do each day, it’s pretty impressive that anything could sustain all that and still be functioning.  But, shower your teeth with sugars and acids and they […]

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Happy Father’s Day Dad!

As Father’s Day approaches, I was inspired by a wonderful spiritual lady, Kris Carr to give my dad some lovin! My dad is my hero.  I have a super soft spot for this man, even though growing up my dad would say I was adopted because of our differences of opinion on everything from who […]

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Naked But Nutritious

I know going out to dinner can be fun and exciting, but not every night.  Also, take-out can get very boring and expensive. There is something so satisfying about a nutritous, home cooked meal.  I say, why go out to eat when cooking at home can be easy, healthy, delicious, and affordable?  And with the […]

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Chic Culinary Delivery

I recently discovered an amazing food delivery service called Mother Organica. Never in any of my nutrition day-dreams have I imagined such mouth-watering perfection – an uber yummy food club and catering service that specializes in personalized, succulent, farm-to-table meals.  Twice a week,  the chefs at Mother Organica visit the farmers market and from what’s […]

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The Best Bloomin’ Blender!

The Vitamix 5200 blenders are the best on the market.  You can use them to make your cleansing smoothies, dips, soups, and chopped vegetables…they even grind up nuts and grains!  and when you put it head to head with other blenders of it’s caliber,  Vitamix comes out on top: Price Vitamix has the lowest price […]

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