The Best Bloomin’ Blender!

The Vitamix 5200 blenders are the best on the market.  You can use them to make your cleansing smoothies, dips, soups, and chopped vegetables…they even grind up nuts and grains!  and when you put it head to head with other blenders of it’s caliber,  Vitamix comes out on top: Price Vitamix has the lowest price […]

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Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts

I am right in the middle of moving house, and like it or not, it’s time to get my old pantry cleansed and my new pantry restocked. It’s something we should do with the change of every season. You want to be confident that when you open your cupboard, at your fingertips you’ve got  healthy […]

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My Top Juicer

This juicer tops my list because it is so efficient- it can make an 8-ounce glass of juice in just five seconds. You can change the speed on the juicer for softer fruits and leafy greens like cantaloupe or spinach, or for denser foods such as apples or beets.  It is super consistent and you […]

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Alternative Sweeteners

Eliminate sugar from your diet!  Sugar causes a person to gain weight, leaches calcium from to body, and destroys collagen.  It increases stress and impairs the adrenal glands’ functioning ability.  Sugar is addictive, toxic, and despicably snuck into almost everything we eat.  If you want to make an improvement in your health and loose weight, sugar […]

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Start the New Year CLEANSED!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?  Do you want to invest more time in your career?  Do you want to take more walks and spend time in nature?  Are you pledging to spend more time with your kids?  Or do your really want to learn guitar?  No matter what your new year’s resolution is, the best […]

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Adrenals in Modern Society

The adrenal glands are vital to feelings of wellness and vitality! They produce the  hormones that provides the energy we need to meet life’s challenges, reduce inflammation and regulate fluid balance, produce hormones for the production thyroid hormones and sex hormones, metabolize fat, and regulate blood sugar.  When your adrenals are in balance, you are primed to take […]

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Swiss Chard- The Rainbow Detoxer!

Including Swiss chard routinely into your diet will have your body yodeling like an Alpine schoolkid!  Recent research has shown that chard leaves astoundingly contain at least 13 different polyphenols.  Polyphenols protect your body from aging and disease.  The more variety of polyphenols we give to our system, the better diverse protection we have against […]

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Hydration: Why It’s So Important!

A colleague of mine confessed to me recently about how consistently she tired she finds herself, even before the day is half over.  I know her well;  she is the easy going type, she loves her job, and she schedules in down time and healthy meals.  What could be the problem?  As a holistic nutritionist, […]

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Fermented Soy

While soy foods make a very nourishing contribution to your diet, you can reap special healthy benefits by consuming soy foods that have been fermented. In many Asian traditions, soybeans have always undergone processes of fermentation. Fermentation converts the soy into a more digestible food. During fermentation, soy proteins get broken down into shorter protein strands (called […]

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