5 Herbs to Help Stress

Stress….It’s like the “itch” that never goes away.  Traffic, workload, busy schedules, its tough not to let things get under your skin.  When we think about stress, we tend to solely focus on the mental side.  “Oh my gosh!  I can’t stop thinking or dwelling on this or that.” Yet, the reality is, stress is evident not […]

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Coconut Milk Cures All

On the path to optimum health and proper weight,  there are key foods and helper foods.  Key foods include the vegetable and fruit families, healthy grains,  water,  and an intake of protien from a clean source (nuts, vegetables, healthy seafood, and free range, vegetarian fed meats that I consider clean).  Vegetables should be our main […]

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Cleanse FAQs

Does a cleanse need to be organic?  Yes. Only 100% natural, whole, unprocessed foods should be used. Remember, we are trying to rid the body of toxins, not introduce them. Can I smoke on the cleanse? The goal of the cleanse is to eliminate the toxins that have built up in your system over the […]

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Colonics and Cleansing

One of the major benefits of cleansing is the elimination of toxins. A colonic will help with this process by ridding your system of old, undigested waste matter and keeping your digestive track open and moving. Make your cleanse mantra “better out than in.” My clients often express concern that colonics are unnatural. Colonics are, […]

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