Is Your Root Canal Giving You Cancer?

I know cancer. I’ve had it. I’ve survived it. I’ve lost my husband to it. I’ve studied it. I’ve learned from it. I’ve become a new person because of it. There are thousands of people just like me, who have obsessed over every detail and every book that can give some cancer answers. There are […]

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Liver Cleanse

Cleanse Your Liver

Tired, stressed and feeling like your body needs a break. Cleansing your liver might be just what you need. Many people think the only toxins that touch your liver are booze and drugs. This is not the case. Your liver is not only affected by tons of harmful toxins daily and it plays a huge […]

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Cleanse Your Pantry

“This is great! I can have this? I would eat this but if I saw it in a store how would I know it was healthy?” This is what my fiance’s mother asked me after I made her a cauliflower & chickpea salad (click here for the recipe!) the other day. I don’t blame her, […]

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Cleanse Your Supplements

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a vitamin or supplement because Dr. Oz recommended it? Or have you ever been having lunch with a friend and she makes a vitamin recommendation and you order it immediately off Amazon from your phone without even knowing what’s in it? You’re not alone. These days, our culture […]

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Cleanse Your Cancer

A few weeks ago, a new client showed up to my office totally panicked. I had just seen her the day before and she was totally calm, cool and collected. What could possibly have changed overnight? She told me she had just gotten a call with the worst possible news: she had cancer. Someone called […]

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Mind Over Medicine

When I was 18 my mom took me to see a horoscope specialist. My mom was not a fan of the boy I was dating and I was pretty positive that she had paid the woman to tell me he was bad news. I don’t remember what she said about my boyfriend, but I have […]

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Elissa’s Thyroid Juice

These days, the juice craze has taken over. That’s a good thing! I always preach: “a green juice a day keeps the doctor away.” It’s the best way to get high volumes of nutrient-dense foods straight to your cells. Here’s the problem: almost all the green juices available have kale, spinach or cruciferous vegetables as […]

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7 Ways to BBQ the Healthy Way

Whew! I returned back from my cold & rainy European travels to burning hot Los Angeles. The only good thing about the rising temperatures is that my kids actually crawl out of bed before noon because they are so desperate to get into the pool! I actually love this kind of weather. It feels like […]

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My Favorite Juices

I am the first to admit that I don’t always have control over my stressors. I’m working on it, but sometimes stress just gets the best of me! And, as I discussed last week, being a recovering perfectionist often makes it easier for the little things to set me off. It’s that exact moment when […]

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Healing With Herbs

What’s your biggest emotional and/or mental roadblock? Stress? Anxiety? Perfectionism? Trauma? Shock? Would you believe me if I told you you could fix this roadblock just by dropping a little liquid in your water each day? A little herbal secret I swear by are “Flower Essences” which address the mental and emotional aspects of your […]

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