Crispy Cauliflower

If you’re on the lookout for a clean and delicious recipe that effortlessly elevates your meals, look no further. Packed with wholesome ingredients, this easy-to-make dish is not only a perfect topping for your next bowl but also an ideal side to accompany your dinner spread. This crispy cauliflower recipe is crafted with ingredients that […]

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Best Ever Vegan Mac-n-Cheese

No fake vegan cheeses with fillers here – these ingredients are FRESH! And trust me, this Mac and Cheese is INCREDIBLE, coming from someone who was totally obsessed with Mac and cheese as a kid! It’s been a journey with lots of recipe testing. I’ve taste-tested every vegan mac-n-cheese recipe out there, and the winning […]

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Thai Zucchini Noodle Salad

The heart of this dish lies in nutrient-packed zucchini and carrot noodles, along with sliced cabbage, offering a colorful crunch and an array of vitamins. The creamy peanut butter contributes healthy fats and protein, while the dressing, a fusion of soy sauce, lime juice, agave nectar, and sriracha, adds sweet, savory, and spicy notes with […]

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Ranch & Dill Cucumber Bites

I am loving these Ranch and Dill Cucumber Bites. These delightful bites not only embody the essence of ease in preparation but also deliver a burst of vibrant flavors, making them an ideal choice for your next gathering, especially when health-conscious friends are on the guest list. They take two seconds to make, but they […]

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Fall Harvest Bowl

At the heart of this delicious bowl are butternut squash, cauliflower, and kale, each offering a burst of color and a wealth of health benefits. Butternut squash, a nutritional powerhouse, brings sweetness and essential nutrients to the table, promoting immune health and radiant skin. Paired with cauliflower, a cruciferous marvel, the salad becomes a textured […]

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