Roasted Mushroom Ragout

Do you have that meal that brings you back to your childhood? As soon as you smell it you are mentally transported to the kitchen you grew up in? That’s how my mom’s winter stew is for me. It was always a staple when the weather got chilly and with the recent dreary days in […]

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S.O.U.P Cleanse Salad Dressings

When someone tells me they’re “just not a huge salad fan,” my first question is about the dressing that they use because, in my mind, a salad is only as good as its dressing! If you’re putting just any old oil and vinegar on some greens, of course it’s not going to inspire excitement, appetite, […]


Fall Harvest Bowl

This hearty greens-and-beans-based salad bowl checks all the boxes for me! It contains healthy fat in olive oil form, protein from beans, and fiber (along with many other nutrients) from the kale. It also has a bright and verdant dressing filled with the antioxidant power of basil, and every bite hits that sweet spot of […]


Tempeh Chili

Photo from: The Simple Veganista It wasn’t so long ago that I posted one of my favorite turkey chili recipes, is it too soon for another?  I think not!  Meatless Monday is here and I’m turkeyed out, but I want a hearty stew with rich flavors.   This tempeh chili recipe is an easy fix […]

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No Fuss Kale and White Bean Soup

Fun fact: You tend to eat less overall after eating a cup of soup. One study found that participants who ate a healthy vegetable broth or soup 15 minutes before their entree ate 20% fewer calories during dinner than those who didn’t. This soup should actually be called the ‘No Fuss Vegetable Soup’ as it’s so easy […]

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Smokey Quinoa-Chickpea Burger

Picture from Popsugar This veggie burger is seriously one of the best I have EVER had. It’s so tasty (and beneficial for the gut!) when paired with Dark Horse’s fermented ketchup and a dollop of fermented mustard. The quinoa and chickpeas make these burgers a fantastic source of protein. Plus, walnuts have shown to have anti-cancer […]

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Rutabaga Fennel Celery Root Soup

New fall S.O.U.P. Cleanse soup alert! I give you: Rutabaga Fennel Celery Root Soup. A hearty root vegetable soup with fermented sourdough bread – ideal for dinner or lunch on chilly days. Rutabaga is so overlooked in the world of root veggies. It is high in antioxidants and potassium, promotes gastrointestinal health, and some research […]


Hempseed Pesto with Kelp Noodles

New favorite lunch alert: Hemp Seed Pesto with Kelp Noodles! Did you know that hemp seeds are one of nature’s most incredible gifts? They are rich in two essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). They are also an amazing source of plant protein – more than 25% of their total calories […]


Juice Benefits & Recipes

Adding an organic delicious nutrient-dense vegetable juice into your daily routine can enhance both your physical and mental health. Juicing literally saved my life when I was diagnosed with cancer and has continued to by helping me heal from all kinds of health issues. I am so excited for you to experience all of the […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Salad

With it being Mid-October, I wanted to create a salad that you can make for your upcoming holiday celebrations. This Roasted Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Salad is just bursting with colors, flavors, and textures! Besides the summer months, this time of year is my favorite when it comes to food. And one of my […]