Black Bean Mocha Torte

Photo Credit & Recipe Inspiration: Green Kitchen Stories I recently spoke at an event with the headline “All About Balance”, it was a couples night out event, where we discussed balancing stress, eating right, taking care of yourself, while still making room for those indulgences.  Naturally, I had to showcase a dessert that was as […]

Desserts Recipes

Wild Rice & Butternut Squash Salad with Maple Chili Tempeh

Photo Credit: The Joyful Hearth Running out of plant-based dinner inspiration?  This wild rice based salad has been a favorite of mine and with the addition of a maple and chili glazed tempeh, it’s been elevated to full on main-course status.  Tempeh is a fermented food and natural probiotic, the fermentation process actually increases its […]


Apricot Vanilla Cashew Bars

The bonus to working in wellness is the opportunity to meet so many inspiring and supportive women.  It’s a blessing to be surrounded by women who lift me up and motivate me, like Elise Museles, a former attorney turned certified eating psychology and nutrition expert.  Elise created Kale & Chocolate to help thousands of women […]


Holy Broccomole with Zesty Lime Tortillas

Why take a good thing and mess it up?  You may think that when you think of adding broccoli to everyone’s favorite guacamole.  Trust me on this one, it may be hard to believe, but broccomole is not only as good as guacamole, it’s just as addictive, and it bumps up the nutrition factor just […]

Recipes Snacks

Coconut Curried Shrimp with Lime

I love the flavors of coconut and lime when cooked with curry and ginger.  It’s like I’m taking a trip to the Grand Palace and the Taj Mahal in the same meal! Coconut is one of the healthiest foods we can eat, full of good fats and it’s dairy, soy, gluten free and it gives […]


Banana Zucchini Oatmeal Muffins

There is a delicate balance in health minded muffins.  You want your muffin to be tasty but you don’t need a dump of gluten and sugar in the process.  If you’re like me, you also want your baked goods to be easy breezy, not too much of a hassle to make (or you’ll end up […]

Breakfast Recipes Snacks

Butternut Squash Mac-n-Cheese

I’ve been on a ten year quest. Not for knowledge, not for gold, but for a crave-worthy vegan macaroni and cheese recipe. It’s been a long and hard road, I’ve encountered clumpy sauces, strange flavors, and lacklaster “cheese” factors. I can’t say that I’ll ever stop the search, but I did put together a damn […]


Cauliflower Salad with Creamy Herb Dressing

How many of you are fans of good old ranch dressing?  Ranch is engrained in our culture like cheeseburgers and ice cream, but it’s horrible for us 🙁  Have you ever read the label on the Hidden Valley bottle…disgusting!  If you’re having a hard time giving up your store bought dressings, this recipe is for […]


California Shrimp Stack

How lucky am I to live in the state that redefined healthy cuisine?  While I redefined what is means to cleanse, California redefined what it meant to eat well, and boy do cleansing and “California Cuisine” have a lot in common! They’re synonymous with organic, seasonal (when you can), fresh, and consciously prepared foods. This […]


Chickpea Stuffed Eggplant with Forbidden Rice

Eggplant gets a bad wrap.  If you’ve had a bitter bite, I don’t blame you for not being a fan, but it can be a life changing experience when you have it prepared correctly. I like mine drizzled with olive oil, seasoned, and oven roasted to bring out smoky and sweet flavors.  Here are my […]


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