Grilled Vegetable Salad

Tired of bringing the same boring dish to potlucks and holiday BBQ’s?  I’m on a mission to put a stop to those mundane dishes and I have found just the recipe for you. Grilled Romaine….OMG! No kidding….you haven’t lived till you’ve tried this! I got the inspiration from my friend, Pamela Salzman’s yummy grilled vegetable […]

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Radiant Edamame Sushi Bowl

Doesn’t it seem like every week there is another controversial food being discussed that leaves you questioning what you can or can’t eat? This week on my blog, I discussed the pros and cons of eating soy products.  My research left me with the conclusion that soy offers great nutritional benefit for most people, and […]

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“Super” Green Summer Rolls

This recipe is the multi-tasking maven of nutrition and my go-to on busy days. The “super” green roll is loaded with super food benefits, and I managed to pack organic leafy greens, shredded napa cabbage, green onions, cucumber, avocado, edamame, cilantro, and carrot into my lunch.  I know, it sounds a little ambitious, but I […]

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Elissa’s Inner Peace Tonic

Picture from: @selliottphoto What’s the point? What’s the point of all this focus on wellness? I used to think it was for more happiness and success, but I’ve come to find that even extreme happiness can cause suffering. Huge highs come with huge lows. The further I walk on my path to healing, the more I find […]

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Broccoli & Arugula Soup

I’ve been loving my morning Raw Coconut Yogurt Kefir with Nut Crumble so much for breakfast, that I’ve skipped a few morning green juices here and there.  After I fuel up with healthy protein, fat, and probiotics from breakfast, I start my busy day. After a hectic morning, I break for lunch on-the-go, where I […]

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Lovely Lavender & Lemon Cheesecake

I love dessert, but lately I’ve grown tired of the usual suspects. It was time to find something new and exciting. This search led me to the discovery of something so deliciously different, I couldn’t wait to share it with you! This lavender and lemon cheesecake is pleasing in so many ways. The texture is […]

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Date Night Chocolate Truffles

Chalky mass-produced sweethearts and preservative-laced chocolates line the shelves for Valentine’s Day.  But the holiday is meant to be a celebration, and the best celebrations toast in good health. So let’s ditch the refined sugar and welcome a healthy way to indulge! If you’re craving rich, decadent, guilt-free chocolate, this recipe is for you.  The […]

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Elixir of Life

  Are you tired of being sick? Are you tired of worrying about getting sick? Are your immune supplements not supporting you enough? Yes, yes, and yes! I know that a good chicken soup can cure any illness, but what about an immune-building stock that can KEEP you from getting sick in the first place?! […]

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Roasted Root Veggie Salad with Beet-Ginger Dressing

Now that you know all of the health benefits of roasted root veggies from Tuesday’s blog,  I’ve heard that that you’re ready for some root veggie recipes! I made this incredible root veggie salad for my family, and was blown away that they couldn’t identify those amazing golden-brown veggies…parsnips, AKA nature’s candy! Do you ever crave […]

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