Healing Turmeric Latte

I keep getting emails from people who are doing my 21-day cleanse wondering if it’s a big deal if they eat two servings of their salad or dinners. I love when people fall in love with healthy food, but I’ve also always encouraged my clients to get in tune with their body and yes, while […]

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Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Something happens this time of year when all I want is comfort food. My appetite for light and fresh veggie-heavy meals suddenly craves hearty stews, rich pastas and roasted dishes. Obviously, the weather change has a lot to do with this. As the night gets darker and cooler, all I want to do is snuggle […]

Dinner Recipes

Under the Sea Salad

Really new and creative salads aren’t always easy to come by so when I was flipping through Kris Carr’s amazing new cookbook, Crazy, Sexy Kitchen, this really caught my eye. Sea vegetables are something that everyone, myself included, should be eating more of but they tend to fall under the radar.  Sea vegetables offer one […]

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The Perfect Meatless Monday Meal

When I was working in the advertising business, I would always moan having to go back to work on Monday mornings. But even my worst case of the “monday morning blues” doesn’t compare to the moans I hear in my house You can’t believe the moans I get about my Meatless Monday. No office in […]

Dinner Recipes

Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins

I have to admit something to you. I promised to share a great, healthy pumpkin recipe with you, and I have one, but I almost shared a not-so-great one. I dove into the pumpkin madness over the weekend. I was craving a good bread or muffin so that’s what I attempted. I made a decent […]

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The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I may be a nutritionist but I’m still human. It doesn’t matter how alkaline or cleansed my body is, sometimes a girl just needs a cookie! My kids don’t always appreciate this side of me, but I believe you can always make comfort foods healthier. Just because you’re going to indulge in something doesn’t mean […]

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Immunity Juice

This juice is not for the faint of heart. Some drinks just do not mess around and this is one of those drinks. I designed this when Fall started creeping in last week and I suddenly I heard little sniffles coming from every corner and it hits in a powerful way. We are entering cold […]

Juices / Smoothies Recipes

Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Hazelnuts & Dates

Apparently, brussels sprouts are all the rage. I read an article recently talking about foods that have become super popular in the last few years. I loved seeing lots of health foods on there- including kale, chia seeds and brussels sprouts. Of course, this article talked about brussels sprouts on pizza, with bacon or with […]

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Adrenal Boost Juice

Growing up, I was beyond active. My mom loved to sign me up for everything and anything. I woke up every morning before school and played tennis- I was certainly the busiest of all my friends! Back then, I felt like I was in a cycle of nonstop exhaustion. I had a weak immune system […]

Juices / Smoothies Recipes

Mini Key Lime Pies

If you’ve ever been to Cafe Gratitude and had their vegan key lime pie, you are probably wondering why you aren’t currently there enjoying a slice. It’s my favorite dessert in all of Los Angeles. As the creator of Cafe Gratitude’s cleanse program, I try to control myself from ordering a whole key lime pie […]

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