Chocolate for Breakfast

When I say chocolate I’m talking about cacao or 100% cocoa in it’s rawest form. It’s full of some pretty impressive health benefits, that make it totally good enough to eat for breakfast.  When you use high quality ingredients like pure cocao, having chocolate for breakfast provides many nutritional benefits: 1. King of antioxidants Cacao […]

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Holy Broccomole with Zesty Lime Tortillas

Why take a good thing and mess it up?  You may think that when you think of adding broccoli to everyone’s favorite guacamole.  Trust me on this one, it may be hard to believe, but broccomole is not only as good as guacamole, it’s just as addictive, and it bumps up the nutrition factor just […]

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Banana Zucchini Oatmeal Muffins

There is a delicate balance in health minded muffins.  You want your muffin to be tasty but you don’t need a dump of gluten and sugar in the process.  If you’re like me, you also want your baked goods to be easy breezy, not too much of a hassle to make (or you’ll end up […]

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Figs with Macadamia Cheese

Can we talk about holiday party food for a minute?  Are cocktail weiners, cheese balls, and taco dip getting a little old?  Okay, these will probably never go out of style or stop tempting us, but let me encourage you to take your holiday noshing up a notch! Branch out, impress and wow with a […]

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Roasted Sweet Potato Bites w/ Chickpea & Cilantro

I’m going to let you in on a big bummer in my life.  My fiance is one of those indivduals predisposed to hate cilantro, he  can’t stand it!  This stinks for me, because I’m naturally inclined to want add it to just about everything.  While he, along with millions of other people are genetically predisposed […]

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Kombucha Jello with Rosewater & Hibuscus

Jello?  It’s a fun food to eat, but the addition of artifical colors, processed ingredients, and sugars don’t make it an appetizing food to serve.  The healing benefit of gelatin has long been used for post operative care and to treat conditions of leaky gut and to improve immunity while strengthening bones, joints, and ligaments. […]

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Sweet Pea Guacamole & Charred Snap Pea Tostadas

We always want what we can’t have. In my household on Monday nights, “Meatless Monday” has become a night that no one is home for dinner 🙁 . It’s my attempt to get the family on board with a more plant based diet along with helping the environment, but it has turned into a weekly […]

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Delightful Pistachio Pesto

I’m constantly trying to change things up here, this is an evolving kitchen.  Taking familiar recipes and making them healthier, more interesting, and more delicious is the key for me!  I’ve taken a basic recipe for pesto and nutritionally super-charged it with pistachio.  This is an easy way to make a simple dish stand out. […]

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Pistachios – The Skinny Nut

After a long plane ride this week, I realized I had taken down several handfuls of nuts without even giving it much thought.  When all was said and done, I’d probably consumed 3 times the amount I would suggest any one person eat in a sitting. My mindful snacking principle had gone out the window! […]

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Crispy Gluten Free Zucchini Sticks

This simple recipe shows how even the healthiest of vegetables can be made into a delicious comfort food.  Ideal for a snack or as a side dish, these zucchini sticks are a perfect choice for when you want something easy, tasty and nutritious.  Zucchini is a cancer fighting vegetable full of fiber that promotes regular […]

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