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EG Soup Challenge

Welcome to my 7 Day EG Soup Cleanse Challenge! We are going to incorporate vegetable juice into your life, and pack more healthy choices into your next 7 days. Here?s why you should participate: Souping is a natural way to feed you body with essential minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Also, it is an incredible way […]

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Winter Harvest Salad with Lemonette Dressing

If you are looking for a beautiful and flavorful salad for upcoming holiday events, this is the recipe for you. We served these colorful salads, showcasing the winter bounty at the most recent “Lunch with Elissa” and they capture the flavors the season. Using the concept of adding salt, acidity, sweetness, bitterness this is perfectly […]

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Fall Into My Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

Fall means that it is (almost) totally acceptable to have pumpkin with every meal! Seeing everyone post about all of the whole pumpkin foods they are eating during these autumn months makes me so happy because pumpkin is such a nutritious fruit (yes, technically it is a fruit!). Pumpkins are considered to be antioxidants and […]

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Healing Veggie Mineral Broth

This season, I have been reflecting on the bone broth trend and I’m ready to move forward to the next thing. I recently announced that my SOUP cleanse will no longer contain bone broth. While there are certainly benefits to animal bone broth, there are ways to achieve those positive effects that are even healthier […]

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Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice Soup

Creating vegan versions of signature soups, like this creamy wild rice and mushroom, has been a fun challenge. By simply pureeing soaked cashews with unsweetened nut milk, you can create a replacement for cream. Making the recipe with fresh herbs and a high quality wild rice blend will add great flavor. Use mushrooms of your […]

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PlantFusion “Wellness First” Smoothie Recipes

It was an honor to speak at the second annual “Wellness First” charity event benefiting Determined to Succeed. Thank you to all that attended and to Hey Mama! for your support in raising money for this incredible charity. Along with samples of the SOUP cleanse superseed bars, two of my favorite smoothies made with PlantFusion […]

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White Bean Cassoulet with Spinach Pesto

Living plant-based means becoming very comfortable cooking with beans and legumes. During my weeknight dinners, if I’m not making tempeh a part of my meal I am most likely using some variety of bean or lentil. After many years of eating this way, I’ve become accustomed to having my beans on the daily – for […]

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My Go-To Protein Powder

Plant-based protein powders have gone mainstream. It’s no longer just the health conscious gym junkie on board with supplementing their diet this way. I welcome the inclusivity because using a plant-based protein powder is a great way to replace a meal, supplement your diet, and boost the amount of nutrients and superfoods you consume, but […]

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