Beet & Kale Soup

This soup is quickly becoming one of the all-time favorites among cleansers – and it just hit the menu! The golden beets bring a touch of earthy sweetness while boasting antioxidants and essential minerals for vibrant skin and immune support. Paired with navy beans, known for their fiber and protein content, this soup fuels your […]

Cleanse Dinner Food Health Lunch Recipes Soups Vegan Recipe

Green Detox Soup

The fusion of greens in this delicious detox soup isn’t just a treat for your taste buds; it’s a rejuvenating experience for your body. Broccoli’s antioxidants and vitamins aid detoxification, while kale’s nutrient density supports bone health and digestion. The peas’ minerals and protein provide a nourishing boost, and spinach’s iron and antioxidants promote energy […]

Cleanse Dinner Food Health Lunch Recipes Soups Vegan Recipe

Snap Pea Black Rice Salad

This new cleanse salad unites crisp snap peas, aromatic Thai basil, and refreshing mint on a bed of nutrient-packed black rice. As you savor the vibrant medley, relish in the anthocyanin antioxidants of black rice, the immune-boosting vitamins in snap peas, and the anti-inflammatory benefits of Thai basil and mint. This dish isn’t just a […]

Cleanse Dinner Food Lunch Recipes Salads Vegan Recipe

Mushroom Veggie Burgers

These delectable plant-based patties are a fantastic choice for those seeking a delicious and wholesome alternative to traditional burgers. Whether you’re a devoted vegetarian, a health-conscious food lover, or simply eager to explore new flavors, this veggie burger recipe is a perfect choice for the summer. This recipe will guide you through the step-by-step process […]

Dinner Food Health Lunch Recipes Vegan Recipe

Edamame Salad

This edamame salad makes for the most amazing summer appetizer. I like to serve the salad on a Topseedz cracker with a piece of seaweed – this flavorful combination packs just the right punch! It is healthy, full of protein and fiber, and it can even be used for meal prep as it won’t get […]

Dinner Food Lunch Recipes Salads Sides Snacks Vegan Recipe

Caribbean Black Bean Soup

This black bean soup has made such an incredible addition to the EG Kitchen Cleanse menu. After having the taco salad with walnut meat for lunch, cleansers enjoy this soup for dinner. The black beans will keep you satiated, and these spices are great for the gut microbiome – this soup really is a win-win! […]

Cleanse Dinner Recipes Soups Vegan Recipe

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