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Announcing My New 7-Day RESET (at a Limited Time Launch Price)!

I have some very exciting news to share…I have been working on a new cleanse and it is finally ready for you. I have never done anything quite like it before and I cannot wait for you to try it out. I have put together 7 days worth of my absolute favorite and super easy-to-make healthy soups, salads, juices, smoothies and snacks, and I am offering them to you in one super simple 7-Day RESET cleanse. Here is what it entails:

What Are We Eating? 

Plants, plants and more plants! Cleansers will be fully plant-based for the week. But, fear not. While this 7-day RESET is meant to detox your body of all the harmful toxins that it has collected over the years, that does not mean you will feel deprived at any point in the week. I have designed the reset cleanse to include all of the essential and satisfying nutrients that you will need daily – without any animal protein. If you have ever been interested in testing the waters of a vegan diet, now is your chance. I will hold your hand through every step of the process so you know exactly what nutritious plant-based foods to fuel your body with throughout each day of the cleanse.

The cleanse is free of gluten, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, GMO soy and corn, and alcohol. It consists of nutrient-dense soups, smoothies, juices, broths, salads and healthy snacks – all of which have been carefully developed (and tested!) by me. I can vouch for the fact that all of the recipes in the 7-Day RESET are absolutely delicious. 

Who Can Participate?

Anyone! Unlike my LA-based S.O.U.P Cleanse, the 7-Day RESET can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer to download it. It is completely do-it-yourself and you can refer back to it whenever you feel like you need to get back on track. I set you up with all of the recipes you will need for every meal, snack and drink for the week and you make them yourself. I will be available for cleansers to contact me with any questions or comments throughout the process.

Why Take Part in the Cleanse?

Ridding your body of harmful toxins for an entire week can do a lot of good for both your physical and mental health. After and during the cleanse, a lot of cleansers have experienced improved sleep quality, weight loss, increased energy, decreased digestive issues, improvement in blood sugar levels, lower stress levels, decrease in mental fog, overall positive shift in disposition and much more. 

What Comes with the 7-Day RESET?

Once you purchase the cleanse, you will receive an online package that includes a detailed cleansing lifestyle guide, pre-cleanse notes that cover every detail of the week, supplement recommendations, daily nutrition tips to help you increase your wellness knowledge, a grocery list to make shopping as simple as possible, and 7 days of recipes. 


I am offering the 7-Day RESET for a special launch price of $29.99 for a limited time. Make a compassionate decision for yourself or a loved one and get the 7-Day RESET today! 



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