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Vegan Raspberry “Cheese”cake

I get more requests for healthy inspired desserts, gluten free and vegan desserts than almost any other recipe request that comes my way.  We are a culture that loves our sweet treats and in my household, it’s the same way.  I have a sweet loving fiance and when the kids are at home (like they have been all summer from college), their one request is for a dessert that is mom approved.  This is an option that is always a hit, especially on these hot summer days.  This frozen vegan cheesecake is just sweet enough and made with cashews and almond, a little coconut milk, and fresh fruit.  No added sugar or processed ingredients, it’s tasty enough and healthy enough that a little bit a day is no biggie!

Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake

Serves 6-8



1 1⁄2 cups almonds (could also use almond or walnuts)
1⁄2 cup pecans
10 medjool dates, soaked in water 2-3 hours, then peeled and de-pitted 1 T. vanilla bean powder (could also use 1 tsp. alcohol free vanilla)
1 T. coconut oil
pinch of sea salt
2 cups cashews, soaked minimum 4-6 hours in warm water
1-pint fresh organic raspberries
1 container Kite Hill Almond “Cream” Cheese
zest and juice of 1 lime
1 cup SO Delicious Culinary Coconut Milk (original, not lite)
1 tsp. alcohol free vanilla
1/3 cup Coconut Secret Coconut Nectar
fresh organic raspberries
chopped mint


Line an 8″ square cake tin, or 8″ round spring form pan with parchment paper, could also line cupcake tin for individual portions.

In food processor, add the almonds and pecan, start food processor, then add the dates, vanilla, coconut oil, and sea salt. Blend until the consistency of dough. Scoop this nut “dough” onto your cake tin and firmly press down with your fingers to create a crust about 1⁄2 inch thick. Once evenly pressed, place in freezer.

Add filling ingredients to a high power blender (you may want to make in batches, depending on the quality/power of your blender. Blend until creamy then remove the crust base from freezer and pour this filling over it, smooth with a knife and sprinkle the top with additional raspberries and chopped mint. Place back into freezer until firm (approx. 2-3 hours)

Take out of freezer and cut into desried shape and serve partially frozen.



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