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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

One of my favorite things about the holidays is giving gifts. I’ll admit it, it’s totally selfish. I get such a rush out of finding the perfect item to give to loved ones. There’s something so satisfying about being able to find that special something you know they’ll love, but that they haven’t thought of themselves. I also like how you can infuse your own personality and passions into what you give someone. As you might guess, many of my holiday gifts are wellness themed– even for those in my life who aren’t particularly wellness oriented. I’ve found that giving gifts is a perfect opportunity to intersect someone’s needs/wants/interests with a kind of gift that’ll truly enhance their lives. I’ve found that sometimes these gifts are the spark that leads them on a wellness journey of their own. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already well on your way to achieving whole body wellness. I bet you have a few loved ones who you’d love to take with you on that journey. This is a list of gift ideas for those people– the people in your life you want to inspire to be well.

“Crystal Muse” by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro

This is the absolute best guide to crystals, especially beginners. Heather and Timmi combine decades of knowledge on crystals and energy healing into one comprehensive and easy to use book. This is the ultimate gift for anyone on your list who is open to pursuing their own spiritual and emotional healing journey.

My 21 day cleanse “Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Life” 

Shameless plug here! Seriously thought I wouldn’t include it if I didn’t think it was one of the most valuable gifts to give to your friends and family. By giving someone the 21 Day Cleanse, you’re literally giving someone the gift of health. This stuff changes lives. I know because I was once on the less than ideal side of health. I created this cleanse for the version of myself who was sick of being sick. I created it because I wish it was what I had when I was working so hard to heal myself. This is the perfect gift for someone in your life who’s ready to commit to health but doesn’t quite have the tools to do it on their own.

Kelsey Patel’s Magik Vibes Box   

The subscription box trend might be my favorite thing to come out of the last couple years. The cool thing about Kelsey Patel’s Magik Vibes box is that it energetically keeps on giving well beyond the holiday season! Inside are the tools for spiritual and emotional balance. Each color, content and element inside this box has been hand-selected for you and is intended to support your journey to bring about the ultimate healing, shifting and spiritual uplifting.

Fourth and Heart Ghee Gift Set

This ghee is amazing! It’s a great alternative to those treat baskets that are chocked full of artificial ingredients and sugar. Ghee is an awesome substitute for vegetable cooking oils, which can often oxidize and cause health issues, plus it tastes amazing! Something like ghee can help people realize that eating healthy doesn’t mean deprivation and horrible tasting “diet” foods. Their chocolate ghee spread is super decadent and good for you too!

Skin Worship Products

I use these products almost exclusively when it comes to my skin care routine. You simply can’t beat them. They are exquisitely designed yet totally simple and aimed to leave you feeling comfortable in your bare skin. You can really feel the difference when you begin to use products like these. I find them to be a great gift for someone who doesn’t quite realize the power of what you put on your skin can have! Trust me, give a couple of these products and whomever is lucky recipient will not stop thanking you.  

Thrive Market Subscription

Do you have parents back home who could use a pantry overhaul?? Thrive is the perfect gift for those busy people that can’t find the time to shop healthy. They have a massive selection of healthy grocery goods at way cheaper prices than places like Wholefoods. Give the yearly subscription and your friends and family can enjoy wholesale prices on organic goods. This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to eat healthy but hasn’t quite found the time.

Hope Gillerman’s Essential Oils Everday & Essential Oils

I’m absolutely in LOVE with Hope’s Essential oil book and her oil blends. They make the perfect combo gift for anyone in your life who needs a little stress release and relaxation. The book is a perfect guide to help people understand how to integrate essential oils into their daily live. The oil blends are absolutely magical and make for a truly thoughtful gift for anyone who could use a little extra self-care in their routine.

Sea Salt Shack Gift Set

Another great foodie gift that isn’t full of crap. Everyone uses salt! No better way to inspire someone to become a salt connoisseur (and ditch the nasty processed table salt) that by gifting them these beautiful salt varieties. Once they try these out, they’ll never go back to table salt again. Again, no better way to demonstrate that eating healthy often means enhancing taste not sacrificing it!

Cote Toxic Free Products

This is a perfect gift for the beauty buff that isn’t full of nasty stuff like formaldehyde! Cote’s nail polishes are totally non toxic but don’t skimp on quality. Plus, their color selection is amazing and they won’t break the bank! A perfect stocking stuffer for someone who’s beauty routine needs a bit of a health makeover.

GoldynGlow Turmeric

Interestingly enough I’ve found Turmeric to be the “gateway drug” of herbs. Seriously! I know so many older people, who typically have little inclination towards the health sphere, but they share with me that they’ve started to take turmeric. Most of them do so because they heard somewhere it was good for inflammation or arthritis. Unfortunately, many turmeric supplements out there are either fake or full of heavy metals. Almost anyone can benefit from taking some turmeric now and then. If you know someone who could use a little anti-inflammatory action, you can’t get better than GoldynGlow Turmeric. They have an awesome selection of tasty blends that designed to make into a delicious drink or smoothie.

GEM Water Bottle

What better way to inspire to hydration than to gift a water bottle you can fill with gorgeous, energizing crystals?! This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile! The gems are held in a compartment at the bottom and are designed to shift the electrical energy of the water you put in the bottle. It gives water a whole new vibe and is definitely one of those things many people might not buy for themselves. Perfect for the active friend who’s looking to dig a little deeper in their emotional and energetic healing.

Lauren Roxborough’s AKA The Body Whisperer’s Aligned Life Foam Roller 

After two sessions with Lauren, my body felt more aligned then it ever has and that includes many years of chiropractic work. She truly is a body whisperer! Her Aligned Life Foam Roller was designed to elongate muscles, tone the body and provide regenerative massage. It features a moderate density made from durable EVA foam; perfect for improving blood circulation throughout fascia, skin, muscles, and joints. The roller’s most unique feature is its raised, circular bumps aid that in lymphatic drainage and decreasing inflammation. You can also go straight to her website for to access multiple videos on how to use the roller. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a good body workout, sits at a desk all day, or deals with chronic pain.

Sweet Laurel Bakery Cake Kit

The absolutely most divine gluten free, paleo friendly desserts I’ve ever had the pleasure of diving into are from Sweet Laurel Bakery here in Los Angeles. For the foodie (and dessert) obsessed person in your life, Sweet Laurel’s Bakery Cake kit is a fun gift idea! A lifelong baker, Laurel Gallucci was diagnosed with an aggressive autoimmune disease and was told she would never eat chocolate cake again. But, the dessert lover refused to accept that, which led her to discover the beauty of baking with whole food ingredients. Sweet Laurel’s Bakery Kit provides all you need to bake and frost the perfect Sweet Laurel cake! The kit includes vegan caramel, chocolate cake mix and vanilla extract all for shipping nationwide.

The Sweet Laurel Cookbook can be pre-ordered for a April 2018 release date and is the perfect gift for the baker in your family, or the health-conscious foodie!

Clutter Healing House Healing Kit 

Created by Lili Petit, the handcrafted Clutter Healing™ House Healing Kit is the perfect remedy to help move stuck energy not only out of your home but our of your mind as well.  Pettit underwent extensive professional training in the healing arts, including shamanic house blessing and pranayama breathwork meditation, to complement her de-cluttering skills with spiritual healing. If you can’t get Lili to make a visit, her House Healing Kit makes the ideal stand-in. This is  great gift for a new home, new job, or even for clearing your home before people come for the holidays!

Gift card from The Detox Market

Ok, I know that a lot of you might think a gift card is a cop-out for gift-giving, but when you give The Detox Market gift card, you’re giving access to green beauty products, organic skincare products, and natural makeup…items that you can’t always just pick out for someone! If you do want to gift a conscious green, beauty gift The Detox Market also has a great selection of gift sets in every price range.

Bogavia Hand Scrub + Hand Lotion Gift Set

This is the gift to give when you don’t know what to give! Who wouldn’t benefit from a hydrating hand scrub and lotion set? This will leave your recipient feeling like they just left the spa! Bogavia is one of my favorite brands hitting the market because it was founded on the principle that luxurious products should ALWAYS be good for your health. Therefore, Bogavia is vegan, paraben fee, sodium lauryl sulfate free, has no chemical preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no mineral oils, no silicones, no soy, and is not tested on animals!

HUM Subscription Box “Plan and Save”

For that friend or family member who needs just a little bit of supplement guidance, a subscription to Hum Nutrition Supplements is a great way to give them the boost they need to get on track. HUM formulates their highly praised supplements by matching their customers beauty & wellness goals with the latest in nutritional research. This program can be customized to their exact needs and sign up includes completion of your recipient’s own holistic wellness profile. You can choose for a delivery monthly, every three months, every six months, or once per year.  I love this one as a gift to yourself! 

Sticky Be Socks

When I was gifted my first pair of Sticky Be socks, I found myself wearing them everywhere! From a cozy night on the couch to hip hop yoga with my daughters these are some multi-functional, comfortable socks with the cutest inspirational sayings on the bottom, like “Be Grateful”, “Be Happy” and “Be Calm”. Once I found out that Sticky Be products serve a greater purpose (they donate socks to moms who have babies in the NICU, Cancer Survivor Classes, Baby2Baby Los Angeles and other causes), I was hooked on them. These make the cutest stocking stuffer and they’re great co-worker and friend gifts. My girls and I don’t go anywhere without our Sticky Be’s!

Hallstein Water 

Is there a better gift to give then the gift of Hallstein Water delivered directly to your loved one’s door? I’ve been obsessed with Hallstein Water from the moment I tried it, it’s one of the best tasting waters I’ve had and had a smoothi, silky mouth feel, but even more importantly, it is from a natural artesian source deep in the beautiful Austrian Alps. Naturally alkaline (pH 8.3), low in sodium (less than 0.15 mg/l) and high in naturally dissolved oxygen (more than 10 mg/l), this superior and sustainable bottled water achieves all the optimal parameters to help your body avoid inflammation and assist in cleansing.

Hallstein also enhances the experience of fine food and wine that you’ll be enjoying over the holidays. Find out more at here.

I hope everyone is having a fulfilled holiday season! Enjoy gifting some of these awesome products and maybe even gifting yourself a few as well.



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