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Waking Up with Ryan

My dear friend, Ryan Weiss of “Waking Up with Ryan” sends daily emails that I read first thing every morning.  Ryan believes that how you spend the first five minutes of your morning determines the rest of your day and I couldn’t agree more.  Ryan has a beautiful way of articulating thoughts and feelings that I find so hard to put into words. I woke up to his email this morning and it resonated with me so much, I emailed him to ask for permission to share with you.  As we approach the holidays, the message of the mindset we can all head into our family celebrations with is so important to me, this is a must read for anyone who may struggle with the emotion and ego that comes along with family time.

This morning I’m on my way to Utah to spend a week with my entire family. My father turns 70 on Thanksgiving. I feel incredibly blessed that we all get to celebrate together. 

That said, I am praying we are all on our best behavior. I work hard to stay calm and grounded yet when the whole family comes together…sometimes calm goes out the window. 

This is to be expected with all families or any group who’ve known each other for a long time. There is an extensive history of drama and blame and judgement. We hold grudges and wish the other was different. We have ample evidence of how (insert judgment) they are. 

It’s too bad we do this with the people we’ve spent the most amount of life with. The ego loves to divide us from each other. So, we need to put in the effort to counteract the ego’s separation tactics. 

This holiday season, as we head into time with our families, can we work to let each other off the hook? Can we show up with fresh eyes and a willingness to see each other differently? 

Over the next few days, in preparation for Thanksgiving, let’s see our family members filled with love. Let’s see them happy and thriving. If that’s hard to do with a particular family member, then I suggest you do it extra. Pray for their happiness for the next 30 days and see how your relationship begins to shift. 

Love Big. Shine Bright. Find Freedom.

Loving you from right here,


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