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Bring the Spa Home with You for $16

I spent countless hours over the last year+ testing different at-home products to satisfy my spa day cravings when spas shut their doors during the pandemic. I was hesitant when I learned about Prima’s Bath Gem because I have tried similar products from other brands in the past, and I have never been a huge fan of them. However, the Bath Gem is totally different. It is an Epsom salt and CBD bath bomb (but Prima prefers the lighthearted term “gem”, and so do I!).

The Bath Gem is a true triple threat: it relaxes the entire body, moisturizes the skin, AND supports sleep – which is the main reason why I love it so much. The mineral content of the Epsom salts plus the CBD provides a truly spa-like experience for your entire body. Functional minerals and aromatherapeutics ease tension and melt away stress while moisturizing oils soothe and soften skin.

I have described the Bath Gem as the ultimate respite for the body and mind because it is a hemp-based functional blend of Epsom salt and magnesium. These compounds work together to purify and detoxify while meadowfoam and camphor oils – rich in nourishing and protective antioxidants – deeply soften and hydrate the skin.

The Bath Gem contains delightfully fragrant (yet not overpowering) aromatherapeutic oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and camphor. These oils work together to calm and quiet the mind to put you in a deeply relaxing state during your bath. The gem relaxes me so much that I have fallen fast asleep numerous times!  

I always use the Bath Gem after an exceptionally demanding workout because it is ideal for sore muscles, body stress and tension, discomfort, overall relaxation, and recovery. It would also make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for any moms out there who could use a little more Zen in their life (I know there are many of us out there!).


You can use the code ELISSAGOODMAN for 20% off. As a reminder, I only partner with brands that I truly trust and use myself.



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