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My Favorite Sleep Tech Product to Ease Menopause Symptoms

Happy World Menopause Day! October is Menopause Awareness Month, and I’m excited to use it as an opportunity to open up the conversation about the life-altering process. I’ll share my experience with the major life transition and the brand I highly recommend to clients to ease some of the most challenging menopause symptoms: Eight Sleep.

Sleep & Menopause

How are sleep and menopause-related, you may ask? Believe it or not, the two are highly connected. The worst symptom I experienced when going through menopause was night sweats. My sleep suffered terribly because I constantly woke up throughout the night due to discomfort from nighttime perspiration. While going through the change, I was desperate for a solution and would have killed for a product like Eight Sleep’s Pod 3 Cover. More on that soon!

Sleep problems, including hot flashes and insomnia, are typical for women undergoing menopause. Almost half of all perimenopausal and postmenopausal women develop sleep issues. Night sweats, or hot flashes, can make it hard to fall back to sleep because the adrenaline and heat wake the body. Insomnia and poor sleep can lead to fatigue, mood disorders, increased appetite, and more, so it’s imperative to keep these symptoms in check.

I recently discovered the brand Eight Sleep, and I cannot stop recommending their products to my clients experiencing menopause or other sleep-related issues. The brand resonated with me because it is a health and wellness company that focuses on sleep. With innovative technology and personal biometrics, Eight Sleep’s products are designed to restore individuals to their peak energy levels each morning. Let’s dive into my favorite one.

Eight Sleep’s Pod 3 Mattress Cover

Until recently,I still suffered from somewhat regular night sweats, even though my menopause days are behind me. This was especially true if I was drinking alcohol. I couldn’t even have one drink without waking up in major discomfort – that is, until I discovered Eight Sleep’s Pod 3 Cover. It acclimates to my body and cools it down to prevent overheating. It’s a lifesaver! I haven’t had any nighttime perspiration since putting it on my mattress – not even if I’ve had alcohol shortly before bed.

I was so thrilled to discover this that I reached out to Eight Sleep to see if they wanted to partner with me. Many of my clients and followers are experiencing similar issues and could benefit from improving their sleep fitness. So I’m super excited to be able to offer the code ELISSA for $100 off the Pod 3 Cover and $150 off the Pod 3 Mattress.

Temperature regulation & biometric tracking

The Pod 3 Cover is extraordinarily high-tech. It comes with a cover for the Pod, an active grid that takes heat away from the body, and a hub that connects to wifi to regulate the temperature. It also provides metrics to the Eight Sleep App about your sleep, heart rate, and respiratory rate. You receive all this information every morning without even wearing a monitor or watch (which can be uncomfortable to sleep with). It’s all through the Pod! The Pod is clinically proven to improve sleep and health. Improvements include up to 34% more deep sleep, 32% improved sleep quality, and 19% increase in recovery.

Here’s the best part – every night before bedtime, your bed will adjust to your desired temperature at the time you schedule in your app. This means your Pod will be all ready when you crawl into bed. , and your Pod will be all ready when you crawl into bed. No fiddling with typical smart mattress settings as you’re preparing for sleep!I also love that the Pod 3 Cover is made for two. Both sides of the Pod cover can be set at different temperatures, from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. My fiancé also loves the Pod 3 Cover because I’m not constantly waking him up with restlessness and excessive body heat!

Eight Sleep Pod 3 and Menopause-Related Sleep Issues

The Pod 3 Cover works so well for menopause in particular because the grid detects when you fall asleep and adjusts the temperature automatically throughout the night based on your body’s needs, allowing you the best night of sleep possible. Those with menopause will definitely appreciate the cooler temperature setting. The Temperature Autopilot supports each stage of sleep to keep you resting peacefully. Are you more of a chilly sleeper? The Pod cover would do wonders for you, too, because it also has the ability to warm up.

Gentle Rise Alarm

That’s not all I love about the Pod 3 Cover! I have found that my days are far less stressful after waking up in such a calm and gentle way. I never use a jarring alarm anymore because the GentleRise setting wakes me with a gradual temperature change and subtle vibrations. It’s a fantastic feature for anyone whose partner wakes up at a different time because you don’t have to worry about disturbing them.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, Eight Sleep also offers the Pod 3 Mattress with all the features of the Pod 3 Cover plus a 5-layer mattress to ease tension points and support the back. It’s ultra-comfortable and luxurious.


If you’re looking for a fantastic fix for menopausal night sweats and other sleep-related issues, Eight Sleep has the perfect solutions! Their products don’t just allow you to have a longer and more comfortable sleep. They provide a higher quality of sleep to enhance your overall human experience and performance during waking hours! Don’t forget to use my code ELISSA for $150 off the Pod 3 Mattress and $100 off the Pod 3 Cover.



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