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My Favorite CBD Supplement Just Got an Upgrade

Back in March, I wrote a blog about my favorite CBD supplement, Prima’s The Daily. Well, I am thrilled because it just got a boost! The Daily is still made with organically grown whole hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, terpenes, polyphenols, flavonoids, and sterols designed to help our bodies find a better balance from within. But the supplement now contains even more CBD. Prima increased the endocannabinoid content from 15 mg to 25 mg per soft gel! I have a feeling they sensed that we all really need this extra support right now. And staying true to their incredibly admirable brand, they didn’t even up the price to match the enhanced value. You can now purchase the new and improved The Daily supplement for the same price as the original. Can you see why I have been so obsessed with this company?

The Daily is a supplement for everyone, no matter what you are dealing with. I recommend it to almost all of my clients as their daily essential supplement for stress. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is considered the body’s master regulatory system. The ECS indirectly impacts functions such as immunity by supporting our mood and sleep, which, in turn, helps us maintain equilibrium, keeping us healthy through stress. Cannabinoids such as CBD can help support a healthy stress response and, therefore, a strong immune system and more. There is a growing body of research on the protective role of the ECS and numerous diseases as the ECS impacts every single system in the body. Because this major body system is so integral to overall health, we should be supporting it like we support our other systems.

Taking The Daily every day will help to boost the number of endocannabinoids circulating in your system. The body produces endocannabinoids on its own, however, because of the chronic stress that most of us are experiencing (often without even realizing it), our bodies cannot reset as they should. This supplement simply helps the body do its job more effectively. I like to call it “life insurance in a bottle” because that is what it feels like to me. When I take The Daily every day, I notice a feeling of wholeness, as if my greatest stress-free potential is being achieved. I truly feel like I am my best self when I am taking it regularly, and many of my clients say the same thing. I feel happier, lighter, and higher on life.

Because the ECS is so prominent in the body, you will likely notice multidimensional benefits after taking The Daily regularly. Some of those benefits include:

– Better quality sleep
– Enhanced mood
– Higher immunity
– Better metabolism
– Lowered stress (of course!)

I think it is also important to mention what you probably will NOT feel after taking this supplement for a while:

– Less tension in your body. I do not feel stress hit me in the same way now. It can slide out of my mind and body much more effortlessly without weighing me down as it did before.
– Discomfort, both mental and physical, should fade.
– Nothing new will be introduced to your body. The Daily simply provides the body with more of what it needs to do its job more effectively.

Unlike other CBD oil or oil-based supplements, this product is designed for bioavailability. It is created to be absorbed better in the body through microencapsulation – a process that allows the body to see these oil-based compounds as water-soluble. These compounds are then able to bypass the liver and become more readily absorbed. Pretty cool, huh? With the combination of increased endocannabinoid content and superior bioavailability, you will actually feel The Daily making positive impacts within you rather than just hoping it’s working like with some other supplements.

As always, The Daily is doctor-formulated, gluten-free, broad-spectrum, non-intoxicating (it will not get you “high” or alter your perception), non-GMO, contains zero sweeteners, and maintains cruelty-free and glyphosate residue-free certifications. And you can use my code ELISSAGOODMAN for 20% off!

A lot of people do not even realize how stress is impacting them or their bodies because so many of us have gotten used to this unhealthy state of stress. But this is not normal, and I encourage you to use The Daily as your daily dose of comfort and wellbeing! Imagine what you could do in this world if you felt a little better every day. As always, please check with your doctor before starting a new supplement, and remember that I only promote products that I truly believe in and use myself.



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