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The Superfood Turmeric Powder I Cannot Get Enough Of

Turmeric is a very special food. It is an underground stem of plant that is very similar to ginger. I consume it, in one form or another, practically every day. Turmeric’s most active naturally occurring compound is called curcumin and it has a seemingly endless list of health benefits. Two of curcumin’s most significant benefits are that it is a strong antioxidant and it promotes anti-inflammatory functions. Scientists believe that inflammation plays a major role in many of today’s most common western diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and various other degenerative diseases. That is why using a compound, like turmeric, that limits inflammation is so crucial for all of us.

But there are two issues that come into play with turmeric: most studies that examine the benefits of the stem are focused on turmeric extracts that contain significant amounts of curcumin. It would be very difficult to reach the same levels of curcumin consumption by only eating turmeric in its natural form. That is why it is important to take a high-quality turmeric supplement. But the levels of curcumin that we are consuming are not the only concern. Our bodies are also not the best at absorbing curcumin. Black pepper contains the compound piperine, which helps prevent the metabolic breakdown of turmeric compounds. This allows turmeric’s compounds to be more bioavailable in the body.

That is why I am a huge fan of Further Food’s Turmeric Superfood Daily Golden Milk Powder Blend. It provides a strong dose of curcumin while also including black pepper for maximum bioavailability. This incredible Superfood Blend goes a step further to include a whole host of other superfoods and adaptogens including cardamom, clove, cassia bark, ginger root, Indian frankincense bark, and Schisandra berry. Some of the powerful effects of these superfoods include reduced inflammation and joint pain, improved digestion, rapid healing of infections, and maintenance of healthy blood flow, just to name a few. The powder is completely vegan, sugar free, and keto and paleo friendly. The flavor is absolutely delicious and I love making golden milk and turmeric tea with it.

Being in the wellness industry, I get contacted by dozens of companies each week. In some ways, it is exhausting because it is so rare that I actually decide to partner with a brand. Before I decide to promote a product, I research it endlessly, I have multiple phone calls with the company to make sure that all of my questions are answered, I verify that the product is in line with all of my standards, and I use the product myself for a significant period of time to be sure that I actually feel benefits from using it – even if it does check all of my other boxes. But with Further Food, I actually reached out to them to ask if they would like to partner with me – that is how much I stand behind their products.

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