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Healthy Aging Tips for Women

For women, society tends to depict aging in a negative light. The result is a widespread belief that getting older inevitably means having less energy, lower libido, bad skin, and a growing collection of health issues. I’m here to tell you this simply is not true. Aging is nothing to be afraid of – because it truly is just a number. The age you are does not have to be the age you feel.

I find aging to be a beautiful process among women. We experience a new body, new perspectives, and new emotions in each phase of life. We gain confidence, wisdom, and a better sense of who we are. Because of the untruths society throws at us, it took me time to get to this place mentally. But today, at 61, I can truthfully tell you that I feel better – both body and mind – than I did 10 years ago!

I recently took Thorne’s Biological Age Test and learned my feeling checks out – because although I’m almost 62, my biological age result is… 51! I’ll tell you more about this later, but first let me tell you some of the things that help me feel my best.

Listen to your body – and learn how to nourish it

While aging does not need to be a negative thing, it is important to recognize that our bodies do change, and what we may have been able to handle in our 20s (that second or third tequila, maybe?) now might be a bit harder on our body today. If you are feeling fatigued, then don’t blame it on age. Tune in and really ask yourself if you’re getting quality sleep or if your diet is supporting your hormone cycles.

Speaking of diet, I’m sure you know how crucial it is to your overall wellness, but do you really know the right way to nourish your body? If you don’t, then I don’t blame you. We’re confronted daily with the wrong kinds of marketing and information about food and diet. My advice is to speak with a trained expert (I know a great holistic nutritionist 😉) who can teach you how to nourish yourself to feel your best. Three nourishment tips to get you started? Drink half your body weight in ounces every day, cut back on processed sugar as much as possible, and eat adequate protein (we need more as we age and most women don’t consume enough). 

Get moving

Staying mobile is crucial for health, especially when it comes to aging. Movement prevents muscles from breaking down, keeps us flexible, and encourages the production of “happy” hormones and neurotransmitters. Not to mention the benefits it has on our skin. Daily movement enhances detoxification, improves circulation, and promotes collagen production. It’s like the best skin care product you’ll ever use and doesn’t cost a penny! And remember, exercise doesn’t have to feel like punishment. It can be as simple as taking a daily walk with a friend or taking an online yoga or Pilates class at home.

Have more sex

Yes, sex can keep you young! A 2017 study by researchers at the University of California shows that regular sex (once a week or more) is associated with significantly longer telomere length. In other words, regular sex can help keep your biological age lower than your actual age. Following menopause, although estrogen and testosterone levels drop, that doesn’t mean our sex lives have to. There are plenty of ways to boost sex drive, including incorporating specific foods into your diet! Some great natural aphrodisiacs include figs, bananas, and avocados.

Stay hydrated

At birth, our bodies are more than 70 percent water. By age 50, that percentage drops to less than 50 percent. In addition, our thirst sensitivity decreases with age. What does this mean? We are more prone to be dehydrated as we age, making adequate water intake crucial. Beyond staying hydrated, drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily can improve the appearance of fine lines, make your skin glow, and increase energy. Like a spa facial in a water bottle!

Support with supplements

As we age, it’s so important to provide extra support to our bodies. Here are some of my favorite nutritional supplements to do just that:

  • NiaCel 200: NAD+ is a crucial enzyme present in our bodies that generates cellular energy and is involved in nearly everything we do, from breathing to exercising to sleeping. Yet, by age 50, our NAD+ level drops by 50 percent. That’s why I recommend Thorne’s NiaCel 200 to my clients. This highly absorbable form of nicotinamide riboside boosts the production of NAD+, which in turn supports the body’s detoxification processes, increases energy, and slows the biological aging process.
  • Meriva 500-SF: You might be hearing the buzz on turmeric’s health benefits these days – and it is popular for good reason. Turmeric’s active ingredient, which is responsible for most of its beneficial effects, is the antioxidant known as curcumin. Curcumin supports joint function, liver and gut health, and cardiovascular function by moderating the body’s natural inflammatory responses. Thorne’s Meriva 500-SF is a highly absorbable form of curcumin and the most clinically studied form on the market. Try it out and feel the difference!
  • Q-Best 100: Q-Best 100 is Thorne’s proprietary form of Coenzyme Q10 – a nutrient that supports heart, kidney, muscle, and brain health, as well as boosting cellular energy production and providing antioxidant support. The CoQ10 levels in our body can be depleted by certain medications and poor lifestyle, which is why I recommend this supplement to so many of my clients.
  • Biological Age Test: If you’re curious about what your current health says about your age, that is, whether your chronological age is higher or lower than your biological age, then look no further than Thorne’s Biological Age Test. This test analyzes the impact that diet, genetics, and lifestyle has had on your health and provides helpful insights to help you make improvements that will best serve you personally.

As I mentioned, my result is my body is 10 years younger than my chronological age! That’s an average of the various “ages” of my blood, lipids, liver, kidney, and metabolism (these are super interesting to look at). The test results also included personalized tips and supplement recommendations based on my results. Keep in mind this is a blood test, so you do need to go to a local lab (like Quest) to complete it. Bring your lab requisition form with you when you go, which is in the test kit you receive after ordering. Happy biohacking!

As always, be sure to check with a doctor before you begin a new supplement.



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