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Mag O7: My New Favorite Cleansing Tool

As an expert in the field of cleansing, I cannot stress enough how important it is to assure that your body is set up for success when it comes to eliminating wastes and toxins. That is why I am so excited to be adding a new supplement to my S.O.U.P. Cleanse that does just that (and more)! Mag O7 is a powerful way to boost any cleansing regimen, as it aids the digestive system by removing intestinal build- up and strengthening the microbiome. Before we explore all of Mag O7’s wonderful benefits, let’s talk about why it works. 

What is Mag O7?

I am sure you have heard of magnesium—a mineral that plays a critical role in a wide range of bodily processes, including energy production, bone development, cell communication, and so much more. Around half of Americans are deficient in this mineral and could likely benefit from supplementation (keep in mind that Mag O7 is not a supplement to be used in place of a magnesium supplement). Oxygen, on the other hand, is our body’s natural tool for detoxification. Combine these two powerhouses of health, and what do we get? Mag O7: magnesium in an oxide form that has been ozonated and stabilized to release over 12 hours or more. This form ensures a steady amount of oxygen is distributed throughout the digestive system, with the magnesium acting as an ideal transporter—having a gentle stool softening effect. This, in turn, aids in the release of waste and toxins that can build up in your intestines over time and wreak havoc on your health.

What are the benefits of Mag O7?

In today’s world, our daily toxic load is sometimes so excessive that our bodies have trouble detoxing independently. Combine that with food intolerance, chronic disease, a poor diet, and stress, and what we are left with is a toxic, backed-up digestive system in serious need of additional support and cleansing. 

Mag O7 enhances detoxification by removing toxins attached to old debris inside your intestinal wall. It softens stool while gently stimulating bowel movements, and the oxygen breaks up waste inside your colon. It oxygenates the body through the time-release process, allowing oxygen to reach your bloodstream. 

Additionally, Mag O7 allows for a more regular digestive system. It helps get your elimination system back on track again without any intense laxative effect, so it is non-habit forming (phew)! Lastly and very importantly, it increases alkalinity while reducing acidity. Alkalinity is key for vitality by keeping inflammation (a factor in most diseases) at bay. 

Should I be taking Mag O7?  If so, when?

Mag O7 is for when your regimen needs a boost or during travel when our systems tend to be a bit more on the sluggish side. While cleansing is essential, it is also vital that your cleanse not be too harsh—this can result in a toxic overload that can do more harm than good. Mag O7 serves as a nice balance for elimination support as it can assist without side effects.

Mag O7 is a safe and effective colon cleanser for just about anyone, but especially if any of the following ring true: 

  • You don’t have regular and complete bowel movements each day
  • You experience excess bloating
  • You suffer from skin issues 
  • You experience consistent crashes following meals

Which Mag O7 Supplement is Best?

My #1 recommendation for a Mag O7 supplement, and the one I include in my S.O.U.P. Cleanse, is NB Pure Mag O7. It’s made with all natural ingredients and is completely vegan. I have been using it myself for a long time and it works wonders for me and many of my clients.


When it comes to the need for cleansing, the unfortunate truth is this: external toxins making their way into our systems is an unavoidable fact of life these days. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat—heavy metals and harmful elements are everywhere. They can wreak havoc on our systems, leading to autoimmune diseases, mental health issues, and even cancer. Now here’s the good news: in addition to Mag O7, there are many ways to support your body’s elimination system, so it can do what it was always meant to—detoxify! 

My S.O.U.P. cleanse is a great place to start, which will fill your body with nutrient-dense foods, boost your immunity, remove toxins from your system, and improve digestion—now with the addition of Mag O7. Live outside the Los Angeles area and need advice on cleansing? Book a virtual one-on-one session with me and take control of your health today!



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