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My Go-To Clean Supplement Membership

Quality supplements can be hard to find, and they can be costly. And if you have been following me for some time, you know that I only use and recommend the highest quality supplements that meet all of my rigorous standards. It’s important to choose supplements without dangerous or even unnecessary additives and always buy from a trusted retailer. That’s why I love the clean, growing line of top-notch supplements from BEAUTY PIE.

You may remember me talking about BEAUTY PIE before. It’s an annual membership club that I turn to for luxury makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, and fragrance. I was thrilled to discover that the subscription also offers premium supplements. The yearly $59 membership has been a total game-changer for me! The products are discounted up to 75% off traditional retail prices, so I get access to all of the premium products without the industry markup.

BEAUTY PIE offers an exclusive range of nutritional supplements made with the highest-quality actives and without artificial colors or preservatives. BEAUTY PIE’s range of dietary supplements have been bio-engineered by leading experts and nutritionists using the latest research and technology, so I feel safe and confident taking them and recommending them to my loved ones and clients.

The supplement range includes the perfect daily multivitamin with optimal vitamin B12, a gut-boosting probiotic, the finest Omega 3 blend, the ultimate vitamin D3 with K2 gel capsule, a super effective marine Collagen powder with Vitamin C and Biotin, plus ultra bioavailable Liposomal Vitamin C. BEAUTY PIE also offers a Daily Essentials Kit with four full-sized supplements for $75. The typical price for this kit without a BEAUTY PIE subscription would be $195. It’s a total steal!

Here is a recap of my personal favorite supplements from BEAUTY PIE:


I’m all about getting enough omega-3 fatty acids every day. These fatty acids are essential for brain, eye, and heart health. BEAUTY PIE’s BiOmega-3 delivers 800mg EPA and 532mg DHA per 4 mini softgels. For me, taking these BiOmega-3 capsules with food is crucial because the fatty acids are best absorbed with other fats. I take two capsules twice a day, always with food. The BEAUTY PIE membership offers this fantastic supplement for $20; without the membership, it’s $45.

Perfect Daily Multivitamin

A clean, vegan multivitamin is a must for everyone on their health journey. That’s why I love BEAUTY PIE’s daily multivitamin full of twenty-two nutrients, including vitamins A, C, E, and B, copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, selenium, zinc, chromium, boron, and molybdenum. These capsules are also naturally dyed with purple carrots, so they’re easier to digest (and don’t contain any of the artificial dyes that many other supplement brands often incorporate). I like to take two capsules every morning with food. BEAUTY PIE’s multivitamin costs $17 with the membership and $60 without the membership, making it super accessible.

Efficient C

This liquid vitamin C is fantastic for the immune system, collagen formation, and energy levels. It’s a unique type of vitamin C because it’s a liquid, so it’s great for those who don’t love swallowing pills. I typically recommend taking one teaspoon in the morning, with or without food, for 1000mg of liposomal Vitamin C. As an extra bonus, the Efficient C tastes delicious because it’s flavored with a touch of natural orange. It is the ultimate Vitamin C supplement and costs $17 with the BEAUTY PIE membership, compared to the typical $40 price tag.


As always, please check with your doctor or health care practitioner before taking any new supplements. For more information on BEAUTY PIE, visit the website and use my code ELISSASENTME for $10 off your first purchase!



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