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My Latest Graceful Aging Obsessions

Navigating the anti-aging space can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. With new, hot products that promise to reverse signs of aging by decades flooding the market daily, discovering effective solutions requires a delicate balance of exploration and awareness. However, I love testing these products because, after years of trial and error, I am confident in my abilities to recognize the ones that are high quality, effective, and stand out. So, as someone who has dedicated her life to testing and sharing the best health tips based on science and personal experience, I’ve curated a list of my current favorite anti-aging products and hacks that have been seamlessly integrated into my holistic routine.

1. Colostrum Powder

Colostrum powder, often referred to as “liquid gold,” is a potent elixir that can help you turn back the clock on aging. Derived from the first milk produced by mammals, colostrum is a natural powerhouse packed with essential nutrients and bioactive compounds that can aid in your mission to age gracefully. It contains a remarkable blend of growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, and minerals, all finely tuned by Mother Nature herself to support your well-being. Colostrum powder’s growth factors stimulate collagen and elastin production, promoting firmer, more youthful-looking skin. It also enhances your immune response, making you more resilient to common health challenges. Colostrum supports a healthy gut lining, improving digestion and nutrient absorption – it has helped my digestion tremendously! 

2. Full-Fiber Blended Drinks

Speaking of digestion… green juices have been highly regarded for their antioxidant-rich and detoxifying properties. But while I still love a good juice here and there, I’ve taken my wellness routine one step further by embracing full-fiber blended drinks. By blending ingredients like celery, parsley, lemon, and cucumber, I’ve created delicious concoctions that provide essential nutrients while offering the benefits of dietary fiber. Fiber helps improve gut health, digestion, cholesterol levels, satiety, and more. However, studies have shown that dietary fiber also benefits healthy aging and human longevity. So, this switch from juices to full-fiber blended drinks has positively contributed to my aging process.

3. NAD Injections

NAD, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that plays a crucial role in cellular energy production and repair. However, as we age, our natural NAD levels decline. So, I’ve been going to Robertson Wellness & Aesthetics in LA, whose purpose is “to enhance your natural beauty and give you the confidence that you need and deserve.” The team at Robertson Wellness has mastered the art of administering NAD injections, making the experience truly calming and invigorating simultaneously. The injections have been instrumental in boosting my energy levels, enhancing cognitive function, and promoting smooth and glowy skin. 

4. Droplette

We’re all accustomed to smartwatches, smart TVs, and smart outlets–but did you know there’s smart skincare? Meet Droplette, the world’s first smart skincare tool. I love Droplette because it ensures that my products are actually penetrating my skin instead of sitting on the surface. The facial device uses microinfusion technology to transform high-quality serums into powerful micro-mists that effectively deliver amazing ingredients into your skin at a high velocity. I use it daily on my face, neck, and even my chest. I love using their Growth Factors and Collagen serums to plump, smooth, hydrate, lift, and firm my skin. Droplette has been essential in my anti-aging skincare routine to keep me looking and feeling my absolute best.

5. Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C is a renowned antioxidant that fights off free radicals and supports collagen synthesis. As we age, collagen production naturally declines, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, its capacity to fade hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone further contributes to beautifully glowing skin. So, opting for high-dose Vitamin C IV treatments has been a pivotal element of my anti-aging regimen. However, it’s essential to choose providers who prioritize quality and purity. Many popular places may opt for treatments containing preservatives to extend shelf life. I’ve found that seeking out preservative-free options ensures that I’m reaping the full benefits of this powerful nutrient.

6. Hallstein Water

Hydration is a cornerstone of beautiful skin and overall health. When our skin is well-hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles appear softened, and our complexion radiates from within. In addition to improving skin elasticity and appearance, proper hydration supports digestion, circulation, toxin elimination, and cellular function. Hallstein Water, in particular, stands out due to its pure extraction and filtration process, optimal pH level, and balanced mineral content. Most regular tap water often contains impurities and PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” so I’ve been drinking Hallstein Water to ensure I’m hydrating my body with the best.

In case you missed it, check out my recent blog about Hallstein Water for more information!


I hope this tailored list makes the world of anti-aging seem less daunting and more exciting! These hacks have worked wonders in my life—and they can do the same for you. Still, we’re all beautifully unique. So, what works for me may not be what your body needs, and vice versa. I want to help you find the perfect products for you! Book a one-on-one session with me for a personalized approach to achieving long-lasting, optimal health.



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