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My New Favorite Adaptogen Has Me Buzzing!

I recently discovered a natural, raw supplement that uses the purest Mānuka honey, and I have never felt so supported! Manukora’s A Daily Dose of Immunity is a natural adaptogen blend that provides everyday immune support and protection from life’s daily stressors. The immune-supporting herbs are delivered in raw Mānuka honey to ensure that it tastes great. It is super delicious straight from the spoon!

I have been recommending a few essential supplements to most of my clients and loved ones throughout the pandemic, and A Daily Dose of Immunity is very high up on my list. Its immune-enhancing properties make me feel wholly protected during such an integral time.

The Adaptogen Blend

A Daily Dose of Immunity contains a powerful blend of adaptogens. Adaptogens are “adaptogenic herbs” that are long-lasting alternatives to fast remedies. They are a class of plants used for their healing abilities to balance, restore, and protect your body. The adaptogens in Manukora’s Daily Dose of Immunity supplement include Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, and Astragalus, blended together with raw Manuka Honey! 

Ashwagandha helps with stress, anxiety, thyroid function, and brain function, to name a few. Eleuthero helps balance and restore the body, physical stamina, and mental alertness. Astragalus is high in antioxidants and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Lastly, Manuka Honey supports your digestive system, improves skin health, treats infections, and may even prevent tooth decay. 

More Impressive Benefits

A Daily Dose of Immunity’s potent ingredients were developed by a medical herbalist to deliver a therapeutic dose with each spoonful. If you have been following my health journey for some time, you know I have incredibly high standards for the supplements that I take and recommend to others. Manukoa’s Daily Dose of Immunity checks all of my boxes. It is…

– Non-GMO
– MGO Certified
– Glyphosate residue-free
– Gluten-free
– Antibiotic-free 

Amazing, right?! Plus, the supplement also boasts beauty benefits! Manuka honey helps balance the skin’s pH level, keeping moisture in and bacteria out. It also helps the skin stay naturally exfoliated, decreases acne, and reduces inflammation. It made my skin look youthful, glowy, and radiant after just a few weeks of taking it. 

Manukora & Sustainability

Another fantastic benefit of choosing a supplement by Manukora is you are supporting an eco-conscious company. Their farmers cherish and greatly care for the remote manuka forests of New Zealand, where they source their honey. Manukora’s packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, and its jars are wrapped in 30% recycled paper. When they print, they use soy-based inks and a water-based adhesive. I believe that supporting a company that makes sustainability a part of its core values is extremely important. 


I recommend using A Daily Dose of Immunity for daily immune support to ensure that your body is ready for whatever life throws your way! Enjoy it straight from the spoon, in a hot drink, or with any other part of your daily ritual. I often add it to a smoothie or a warm cup of tea. I like to take it in the morning to help boost my mind and body for the day ahead. 
Manukora’s A Daily Dose of Immunity has been my special sidekick for months. I love that it is beneficial for my immune system, supports me inside and out throughout the day, and has significantly improved my skin. You can use the code Elissa15 for 15% off on both Daily Dose of Immunity and Extra Dose of Immunity products!



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