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My “Must Try” Products of 2019

Expo West is the largest natural, organic, and health product expo in the world. In the wellness and grocery space, it is the single most important event of the year. Think exhibit hall after exhibit hall of products, then add on a few more lengthy exhibit halls and throw in about 80,000 people. Imagine how you feel with the overwhelming amount of “healthy” products & supplements you’re faced with every day, then multiple that by thousands…I think I’ve made my point!

I face my yearly trek to Anaheim for Expo West with a little excitement and a little dread. I’m not a super fan of navigating a daunting amount of people or products, but I also don’t want to miss out on learning more about the latest and greatest products in this space. I need time to try them out and pour over my notes before I can share my favorite new items.

Some of these products have not hit store shelves yet, but, trust me, once they do they will be worth the wait.

GoodBites CBD Snacks

These organic macaroon bites are hemp-infused and completely raw. They are absolutely delicious and the perfect treat when I am craving something sweet but do not want to fill up on a calorie-packed dessert. CBD has been known to help ease anxiety and even help with focus, so these little snacks do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. Goodbites are sold at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles, so the next time you are there you can pick them up  along with some of my signature veggie juices, which are also sold there!

Forager Project Sour Cream

Forager’s new organic sour cream is dairy-free and made with cashews and coconut. It is rich and delicious and a wonderful healthy alternative to conventional sour cream. It is cultured, which means it is loaded with beneficial bacteria, so you can help to heal your gut microbiome while you snack. The sour cream is ideal for dips, sauces and even desserts.

Kite Hill Cultured Yogurt and Everything Cream Cheese Style Spread

Kite Hill was already one of my favorite dairy alternative brands because it tastes so fantastic and is not as processed as some of the other plant-based cheeses out there. But now that the company is debuting its cultured almond milk yogurt, I am absolutely obsessed. The unsweetened version is light and delicious and contains only one gram of sugar per serving. The fact that it is cultured means that it contains probiotics to help foster the growth of your intestinal microflora, which aids in proper digestion among many other functions.

Kite Hill’s new everything-flavored cream cheese style spread is also a game changer. It tastes amazing and contains none of the cholesterol that conventional cream cheese has. It is gluten-free, soy free, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. Like the aforementioned yogurt, the cream cheese spread is also made from live cultures. This spread can be used in all of the same ways as standard cream cheese, but can also be used as a yummy dip for gluten-free crackers or veggie sticks.

Navitas Superfood Wellness Shots

These energy-boosting wellness shots are plant-based and made with organic superfoods like turmeric and Vitamin C. Each shot contains CBD so that your mind and body can both benefit from the same health shot. Each superfood boost has a different purpose ranging from “Calm” to “Focus” depending on how you would like to feel. All of the ingredients in the superfood wellness shots are sustainably-sourced, so you can feel even better about drinking them.

New Barn Organics Butter

This is one of the best products I have tried in a very long time – there is a reason why it won VegNews’ New Product of the Year award at Expo West. I typically only eat ghee when it comes to butter since ghee is lactose and casein-free and helps to lower cholesterol. But New Barn Organics recently developed a vegan butter that contains only five ingredients (plus filtered water), one of which is avocado oil. The spread is 100 percent dairy-free and organic and melts just like dairy-based butter. I highly recommend it as an alternative to conventional butter made from cows.

RE Botanicals CBD

The labeling, regulation and certification processes for hemp and marijuana plants are not yet well defined, so it is hard to determine which companies are fully organic. Therefore, there are very few CBD manufacturers that can legally market their products as certified organic CBD, and RE Botanicals is one of them. I try to buy only organic CBD, since I know I am not doing my body a justice by feeding it the chemicals and toxins found in various pesticides. It was very apparent that I am not alone in seeking out organic CBD, as the RE Botanicals booth at Expo West was arguably the most popular one there. RE Botanicals goes a step further to ensure that none of its products contain any extracts or natural flavorings, both of which are unregulated and could mean almost anything. All of RE Botanicals ingredients are lab tested for heavy metals and solvents to ensure purity. If you are going to try a CBD product, I would highly recommend this trusted company.

Nutiva MCT Protein

Nutiva is another brand that I really trust. I use some of its products for my delivered SOUP Cleanse here in Los Angeles and my clients are always completely satisfied with its products. I have been using Nutiva’s MCT Oil for ages because of its benefits like improving the gut environment and energy production. But I definitely did a double take when I saw that the company was debuting an organic protein powder with MCT in it. I, myself, am not a huge fan of protein powder as I feel I can get enough protein from a well-balanced, mostly plant-based diet. But everyone is different and many of my clients are constantly asking me for protein powder recommendations. I am so excited that I now have another healthy protein source to point them to.

Malibu Mylk – Flax Milk

Malibu mylk is an allergen free flax mylk. It is also free of gluten, nuts and soy. The ingredient base starts with purified water and organic flax, a touch of sweetness (in the original and barista blends) and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. It’s great for fiber rich smoothies, is fabulous with coffee, baking or in cereal if you must. Malibu mylk is filled with Omega 3’s and fiber, so you can forgo that morning flax oil or sprinkle of flax seed in your oatmeal, because you’ll be getting the nutrients from it.

Avohass California Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 

When sourced and produced properly, extra virgin avocado oil is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world. Avohass believed in it so much, that they were one of the first companies to introduce it to the US market. Avohass Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is made with 15-20 premium Grade A avocados picked at the peak of ripeness and immediately cold pressed. The flavor is slightly nutty, rich, and buttery avocado flavor. Avohass Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is made with 15-20 premium Grade A avocados that are freshly picked at the peak of ripeness and immediately cold pressed for high quality and a rich flavor. Avohass is vibrant green in color with a slightly nutty, rich, and buttery avocado flavor and it’s ideal for high heat cooking due to its high smoke point or using for salads or marinades.


I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this blog post. I am sharing these products with you simply because I truly love them and their health benefits. If you cannot find any of these products on your local store’s shelves or on the mentioned companies’ websites, feel free to reach out to them directly to ask when you can expect to see the items in stores near you. Enjoy!



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