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My Spring Commitment: Hydration

We hear it all the time—yet drinking enough water just doesn’t often make the priority list these days. Trust me when I tell you, though; staying on top of your hydration is worth the mindshare. Doing so has the power to improve nearly every facet of your health—from better sleep quality to nourished cells, lubricated joints, improved mental health, and so much more. In addition, hydration becomes even more critical as we age. As we get older, our sense of thirst diminishes, but our water needs do not!

My health commitment this Spring is to stay hydrated—and this doesn’t only mean getting adequate amounts of water. It also means replenishing all the precious minerals we lose any time we sweat. To make it easier to stay on top of my hydration, I love Ultima Replenisher. It is a delicious and refreshing electrolyte powder that is sugar, calorie, and junk-free and uses high-quality plant-based ingredients.

Why is hydration so crucial to our health?

We all know that it’s important to drink water, but many of us don’t realize just how imperative water is for our overall health and survival.  In as little as two days without it, we could not survive. Let alone transport nutrients, flush out toxins, moisten our skin and eyes, or keep our blood pumping.

We are nearly 80 percent water when we’re born, and although this figure slowly decreases as we age, we are still between 60 and 70 percent water by adulthood. In addition, our brains are over 70 percent water and our lungs over 80 percent. Even our bones contain more water than you would think at 31 percent! I say all this to remind you of what you may already know—making hydration a priority is paramount to your wellbeing.  

Why does it take more than water to stay hydrated?

Water is crucial to staying hydrated, but it is not the only factor. The main electrolytes are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium and are responsible for controlling fluid balance, regulating muscle contraction, and maintaining blood pressure and volume. When we sweat, even during non-rigorous exercise, we lose a substantial amount of minerals—as sweat is the primary way electrolytes are excreted. However, they are also expelled when we spike a fever, vomit, experience loose stools, or take certain medications. Therefore, replenishing these lost minerals is a hugely important component of staying hydrated.  

Why Ultima Replenisher is the perfect clean hydration option

I like to work up a sweat daily—and sometimes more than once a day. Whether through exercise, sauna sessions, or simply a few minutes too long in the California sun, I make sure to drink Ultima Replenisher most mornings to restore my electrolyte levels before losses occur, minimizing stress on my body and preventing deficiency. 

There are so many electrolyte products on the market these days, and most of them are filled with sugar, dyes, preservatives, and all sorts of junk I can’t pronounce. And for the ones that don’t—they often just don’t taste pleasant! Ultima Replenisher, on the other hand, not only tastes amazing—but also uses plant-based flavors and colors and contains zero sugar and zero calories. It also comes in various package options and flavors—I love to throw the stick packs in my purse or suitcase for traveling! Ultima is one of those brands I have been a fan of for a long time, and it is still my go-to today.


Staying hydrated is an underestimated health tip and something I remind all my clients at nearly every appointment. Although water is vital, staying hydrated requires a two-pronged approach—electrolyte balance is equally important. Ultima Replenisher is my go-to electrolyte powder and a brand I totally stand behind. It has always been important to me to only promote brands that I use and love myself! 



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