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Nature’s Secret to Sleep

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have struggled with sleep issues for many years. Because of that, I have tried nearly everything when it comes to improving my sleep. I have experimented with various sleep-inducing elixirs, weighted blankets, supplements, energy stones, essential oils, calming apps, and more. But nothing has worked to enhance my sleep quality like Prima’s new Sleep Tight! It’s a high-performance CBD supplement that just launched this month. It harnesses the power of several natural ingredients – the combination of which works to boost sleep, unlike any other product I have ever experienced. 

Sleep Tight is an effective solution for a serious issue that has negatively impacted my quality of life for decades and I am positive it can help you too. Its potent botanical blend helps you relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep. The recommended two soft gel dose contains a total of 20mg of the highest quality organic Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD. It also contains the amino acid 5-HTP and GABA which are combined with passionflower, California poppy, chamomile, hops extract, and lavender oil to relax the body and calm the mind for enhanced sleep. Sleep Tight also contains a bio-terpene complex which is a proprietary blend of black pepper, curcumin, and clove rich in terpenes designed to help boost absorption and bioavailability, while providing powerful antioxidants. It is the synergistic activity of the botanical blend that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

What makes Sleep Tight so different from the other sleep remedies that I have tried in the past is that it doesn’t just make you tired – its superpowered plant combination helps to calm your busy mind. So often sleep issues stem from stressful thoughts that keep us up as we lay in bed trying to fall asleep. Sleep Tight’s targeted botanical blend works to soothe your anxious mind and quiet your inner mental chatter so that you can fall asleep with ease. And arguably the best part about the supplement? There are no adverse side effects since the ingredients are solely derived from plants. It is non-habit forming and you will not wake up feeling drowsy, groggy, or foggy-minded. I have been waking up feeling sharp and full of energy. 

Sleep Tight was inspired by the success of Prima’s Rest Easy powder, but it is even easier to integrate into your daily supplement ritual because it comes in an easy-to-swallow soft gel that doesn’t require you to make a beverage. And for anyone with a more sensitive bladder, this also allows for fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Prima’s soft gels are also designed for bioavailability through microencapsulation – a process that allows the body to see these oil-based compounds as water-soluble. These compounds are then able to bypass the liver and become more readily absorbed.

As always Prima’s supplements are … 

– Doctor-formulated

– Triple-tested

– Organic

– Gluten-free

– Broad-spectrum

– Non-intoxicating (it will not get you “high” or alter your perception)

– Non-GMO

– Vegan

– Cruelty-free

For anyone else who suffers from sleep issues, please know that you do not need to resort to pharmaceutical prescriptions to sleep better. I have been sleeping so deeply – to the point where I am having more involved dreams throughout the night than ever before. These powerful natural ingredients will work synergistically with your body to help you sleep better. And for anyone who doesn’t think they are experiencing sleep issues, I still recommend that you give Sleep Tight a try. You might not have massive problems sleeping, but you might not realize that you are only achieving mediocre sleep. Improving your sleep allows you to achieve your full potential the next day. And it helps you to be your best self for the people with whom you interact.

Sleep Tight is wonderful for older and younger people alike and I have been recommending it to virtually all of my clients. If you want to give it a try too you can use my code ELISSAGOODMAN for 20% off! Please remember that I only partner with brands that I truly trust and use myself.



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