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Nature’s Secret to Stress and Anxiety

If you have been following me for some time, you know that I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. It has ranged in severity from mild to debilitating depending on what life experiences were occurring at the time. Even though I have discovered methods for helping me manage it, my anxiety is a continuous work-in-progress. I know that I cannot expect to heal it all on my own. That is why I have stockpiled a collection of resources to help me when I feel it start to creep back in. One of my new favorite tools is Prima’s No Worries supplement!

The Details

No Worries was created in collaboration with a Naturopathic Doctor and an R&D expert with over 25 years of experience in dietary supplement formulation. It includes 20mg per serving of Prima’s organic hemp and their Bio-Terpene Complex of black pepper, clove, and turmeric for optimal absorption. The formula combines essential vitamins plus adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogens are an effective, long-lasting alternative to fast and, ultimately, unhelpful remedies. They are a class of plants used for their healing abilities to balance, restore, and protect your body. I have been using adaptogens for years, so I was thrilled to hear that Prima’s No Worries supplement contains ones that I know, firsthand, are highly effective.

The Ingredients

No Worries’ ingredients are of the highest quality, which is one of the many reasons why I trust the supplement (and brand!) so much. Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Shoden® Ashwagandha: This is the highest quality Ashwagandha on the market! Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over a thousand years to improve mood, stress, and other critical health issues. Shoden® Ashwagandha is a high-quality, purified extract with significant clinical studies showing benefits for stress reduction, vigor, improved performance, and reduced fatigue with exercise.
  • SaffSerene™ Saffron Extract: This is a high-quality extract from the Crocus sativus flower stigmas. It contains powerful bioactives safranal, crocin, and picrocrocin. Evidence indicates that SaffSerene™ promotes healthy psychological function and supports emotional health and mood balance – which may be why I have felt so good ever since I started using No Worries.
  • Holy Basil: You’ve probably heard me talk about this one before. Referred to as the “elixir of anti-aging,” Holy Basil (also known as Tulsi) helps fight fatigue as well as stress and regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and hormone levels. It calms the mind and spirit and is vital in elevating mood. It has been used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for many years.
  • Vitamin B Complex: Vitamins B6, B12, Thiamin (B1), and Pantothenic acid (B5) support a healthy energy level and play a significant role in the body’s ability to produce cellular energy and maintain a healthy nervous system.
  • Vitamin C: In the brain, Vitamin C serves as a cofactor to synthesize neurotransmitters important for health and stress management.

These ingredients work in concert to help manage stress hormones and assists in the normalization of cortisol. No Worries also helps reduce the physical, emotional, and mental fatigue that occurs with stress. Whenever I use it, I notice my mood improve drastically, and I feel much more resilient to stress. My overall motivation has been elevated ever since I began using No Worries, and I have noticed a clear incline in my energy levels.


As always, Prima’s supplements are doctor-formulated, triple-tested, organic, gluten-free, broad-spectrum, and non-intoxicating (it will not get you “high” or alter your perception). No Worries is also non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Please consult your doctor before starting any new supplement. You can use the code ELISSAGOODMAN for 20% off. As a reminder, I only partner with brands that I truly trust and use myself.



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