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My Favorite Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

Given that we are amid a pandemic, our homes must be our haven. We need the peace of mind that our doorknobs, countertops, and refrigerator handles are Coronavirus-free. But we also need to be sure that we are not exchanging germs and viruses for potentially harmful artificial dyes, surfactants, scents, and preservatives. Many household products from major brands (even ones that seem “clean”) are laden with harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, phthalates, and triclosan, and can disrupt the endocrine system, which affects our hormones. Some of these toxins can lead to cancer and other issues. Regardless of whether a brand is labeled “green” or “naturally-derived,” you cannot assume that it means what you want it to. These labels often only ensure that the ingredients are biodegradable—which does not necessarily mean they are safe.

The household cleaning industry has a dirty secret: companies are not legally required to list all of the ingredients in their cleaning products on labels. The brands that do not list the ingredients raise a major red flag. This includes brands that use words like “fragrance” instead of listing the ingredients in the fragrance.

Here are five brands that are truly clean, green, and everything in between: 

  1. Branch Basics 

Branch Basics makes safe household cleaners out of plants and minerals. What I love most is that its products are fragrance-free, and the absence of perfume makes this brand’s products that much cleaner. You do not need to use scented cleaners when your home is actually clean. And if you refuse to part ways with the satisfying smell of a clean house that you are used to—that is what diffusers are for! Branch Basic products are also cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and non-GMO, making them a winner in my cleaning-supply cabinet.

  1. Force of Nature

Force of Nature allows you to become your own cleaning product manufacturer (and who can you trust more than you?). Unlike other cleaning products, Force of Nature it is an appliance that takes in tap water, along with a capsule of salt, water, and vinegar, and transforms the ingredients (using electric currents) into hypochlorous acid (which our immune system makes to kill germs) and sodium hydroxide (sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen). The result is a cruelty-free, fragrance-free, all-purpose, EPA-approved to protect against COVID-19 cleaner with results comparable to mainstream cleaning brands.

  1. Better Life 

Imagine trusting your cleaning product so much that you were willing to spray it into your mouth! That is exactly what the makers of this product did on Shark Tank and instantly caught my attention. This cruelty-free, plant- and mineral-based, naturally-scented product is made by two fathers who wanted a safe cleaning product for their young ones and is so effective that it can remove spray paint off tile and disinfect a raw chicken-covered countertop better than a leading chemical cleaning product. 

  1. Truce

Truce is a small business—ran by only seven people—but the ingredient list on its all-purpose cleaner is even smaller: water, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, organic castile soap, and essential oils—that is only five ingredients. You can use this cruelty-free and eco-friendly spray on windows, mirrors, countertops, showers, and floors.

  1. Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds biodegradable cleaner is one of my absolute favorite cleaning products. It is such an eco-friendly option, not only because of the cruelty-free and natural ingredients it is made from, but because you only need one and a half teaspoons per gallon of water to clean your whole house! Apart from floors, countertops, and mirrors, you can even use the Sal Suds as dish soap, car wash soap, and laundry detergent—it is so versatile. 


Most of us use cleaning products every single day of our lives, whether it is to wipe down the counter and tabletops, remove the smudges from the mirrors and windows, or clean out the sink. We touch these products, inhale them, and probably even ingest them, so selecting safe cleaning products is arguably just as important as eating healthy. Just remember: if your cleaning products are not clean, your house is not either.  If you are interested in more tips on making your lifestyle as toxin-free as possible, I invite you to book a one-on-one virtual video session with me!



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