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Spotlight: My New Favorite Ethics-Driven Supplement Brand

I recently came across a supplement company whose core principles could not be more in line with my own. Natural Cure Labs values natural ingredients and emphasizes the importance of honesty and simplicity in its products. I love their ethics, I love their transparency with ingredients, and I especially love their vegan formulas that are easily digestible and absorbable! I have been testing out a few of their supplements for a while now and can say with utmost certainty that they are helping to improve some of the issues I have been struggling with lately.

Natural Cure Labs is a purpose-driven minority-owned supplement company that makes getting a well-rounded diet so easy. They have developed affordable, high-quality supplements that offer a wide range of benefits for various ailments or general health maintenance. Natural Cure Labs’ mission is to bring quality, transparency, and compliance to their supplements. One of my favorite aspects of Natural Cure Labs is their promise to give back. They are committed to providing natural products to the 28.9 million Americans without health insurance and the 58 million adults who suffer from “medication insecurity.”

The brand has a naturally-derived immune-focused lineup for humans (perfect for COVID times), and, most recently, they added a line of supplements for pets – because even our canines need a little pick-me-up! Two of Natural Cure Labs’ supplements have been especially helpful for me. As many of you know, I have Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid gland. You can read more about my struggles with the illness in my blog post about it or download my free e-book “Autominnue Hacks.” One of Natural Cure Labs’ supplements that I have been taking is the Thyroid Support supplement to help maintain the health of my thyroid through my Hashimoto’s. I have also been loving the Monolaurin.

Premium Thyroid Support

Natural Cure Labs’ Premium Thyroid Support has none of the potentially harmful ingredients that many other brands’ formulas contain. The Premium Thyroid Support includes no kelp or iodine and instead contains evidence-based alternatives like L-Tyrosine and Inositol. Around 20 million Americans have thyroid disease, making this thyroid support supplement perfect for those suffering like I was my thyroid symptoms. It is also ideal for people who, like me, have made significant strides on their journeys towards thyroid recovery and need a supplement to help maintain their progress.

The Premium Thyroid Support was created under medical professionals’ direction, blended using all-natural ingredients, contains no synthetic excipients or fillers, and is free from common allergens. The product is also made in the USA. I have found that the coconut-based carrier oil has been so easy on my stomach. And the vitamin D3 is derived from lichen, a plant substance, instead of wool. The Premium Thyroid support has been so helpful for my thyroid during this stressful time, which has been a godsend since the thyroid is so sensitive to stress.


Some of Natural Cure Labs’ best-known supplements are from their line of award-winning monolaurin products. For those who do not know, monolaurin is derived from lauric acid, which is a fatty acid naturally found in coconut oil and mother’s breast milk! It is super beneficial for immune support AND digestive health.

Natural Cure Labs has been producing its coconut-sourced monolaurin since 2015. Some of their monolaurin products include the original 600mg Premium Monolaurin, 800mg Extra Strength Monolaurin, and the combination product L-Lysine + Monolaurin. I have been testing the 600mg Premium Monolaurin for several months now and have noticed clear improvements in my digestive system. I felt a bit imbalanced for some time, and the monolaurin seems to be just what I needed to get my gut back on track. Plus, knowing that I am benefiting from the supplement’s immune-boosting features has given me peace of mind during this period of high stress.


Natural Cure Labs has some of the best plant-derived supplements that I have ever used. Their formulas are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and blended and bottled in the USA in GMP-certified facilities. And When a brand wins the title of “Best Health & Wellness Nutrition Manufacturer – USA” by New World Report, you know you have to check them out! Plus, I love supporting a company that does good for others.

You can use my code ELISSA15 for 15% off all of the products on the Natural Cure Labs website!



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