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The 2022 Health & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holidays! My neighbors have put up their Christmas lights, eggnog is for sale at the grocery store, and I’m thinking about what gifts to get all my nearest and dearest. After Thanksgiving, my calendar fills up, and I often feel overwhelmed by juggling holiday plans, coordinating parties, and fitting in time to exercise and decompress. That’s why I make a gift guide most years – so I’m not stuck with unnecessary stress, searching for last-minute presents!

Although material gifts aren’t the most important part of the holidays, I enjoy giving my loved ones presents that I know they will love. I put much thought and care into what my daughters, friends, and fiancé will enjoy and use. Because I am very particular about only getting my loved ones products that are safe, non-toxic, and healthy, I usually focus on unique gifts centered around wellness.

Before buying any gifts, I like to reflect on what the special people in my life need. Do they need something to help their anxiety? Are they struggling with sleep? Did they recently move to a new place and need help stocking their kitchen? These questions help me figure out the most valuable and memorable gifts. My hand-picked gifts below are not sponsored; these are simply fabulous products that I love and hope that they spark as much joy for you and your family!

The Wellness Gift Guide

Tall Shungite Pyramid by Energy Muse

A Shungite Pyramid is an extremely powerful tool for EMF protection, physical healing, work performance and root chakra healing. Incorporating a shungite pyramid into your space is said to balance and regulate the energy field, correcting any imbalances and strengthening it. It also acts as a protector & transformer of negative, harmful or electromagnetic energy. The Pyramid ranges from $40 – $50

Oura Ring

Are you looking for something special for a health-conscious person? The Oura Ring is the perfect gift! The Oura Ring is worn on your finger to track sleep, exercise and activity goals, heart rate, and menstrual cycle. The ring connects to an app that gives you detailed insights into your body. My favorite feature is the “readiness” feature, which determines if you may be stressed or unwell and directs you to rest and recover. Additionally, Oura has guided meditations on the app and helpful health tips. The Oura Ring ranges in price from $299 – $499.

Baloo Cotton Weighted Blanket

Challenged sleepers will love the Baloo Weighted Blanket. For $249, the blanket helps anxious sleepers snooze better and feel calmer. Plus, it comes in four beautiful colors and is made from soft, buttery breathable organic cotton that is perfect for all seasons. I always suggest weighted blankets to those who have trouble sleeping due to stress because the weight can reduce cortisol and increase melatonin levels.

Theraface Pro

A relaxing facial massage meets the facial treatments you love, all in one device. Reduce tension and relax facial muscles with the technology behind Theragun percussive therapy, now designed for the face. This multi-tasking device doesn’t stop there — from skin-toning microcurrent to rejuvenating light therapy, you can combine and customize more facial health treatments than any other device. The Theraface Pro is $399.

The Human Being Journal

The Human Being Journal is perfect for the busy go-getter seeking a mindfulness practice that decreases stress and enhances well-being. With guided questions rooted in the fundamental pillars of a happy life including health, career, and relationships the journal bridges the gap between our human selves and the deeper sense of being so many of us are craving in this modern world.

Kroma 5-Day Reset

The Kroma 5-Day Whole Body Reset is the first step in looking and feeling your best while resetting habits for the long term. Each day you will receive 10 delicious, nutrient-dense foods and beverages. The reset ranges from $395 – $495.

Apollo Wearable

The Apollo wearable improves your body’s resilience to stress, so you can relax, sleep, focus, recover, and feel better. Rather than tracking your health, the Apollo wearable is proven to actively improve it. For $399 you can improve your overall mental and physical well-being.

The Splurge Gift Guide

8 Sleep Mattress Pod Cover

Hot sleepers and women going through menopause will love the 8 Sleep Mattress Pod Cover. The Pod 3 Cover acclimates to the body and cools it down to prevent overheating. It’s a high-tech mattress cover with an active grid that cools the body and a hub connected to wifi for temperature regulation. The Eight Sleep App provides information on your sleep, heart rate, and respiratory rate. My favorite part is being able to schedule the bed temperature in the app, all before I even crawl into bed. This cover is a fabulous present for couples because it’s made for two. Both sides of the Pod 3 Cover can be set to different temperatures. The Pod 3 Cover typically retails for $2,295, but you might find it on sale for $2,045 and you can use code ELISSA for a discount. To read more about my experience with the 8 Sleep Mattress Pod Cover, read my blog, My Favorite Sleep Tech Product to Ease Menopause Symptoms.

Higher Dose Infrared Blanket

The higher-dose infrared blanket is an ideal gift for anyone in your life who might benefit from a little extra TLC. The sauna blanket promotes glowing skin, deep relaxation, circulation, detoxification, and muscle recovery. It’s a relaxing gift for anyone who struggles with sore muscles, stress, or anxiety. I love wiggling into my Higher Dose Infrared Blanket to warm up before taking a cool shower. Plus, the blanket doesn’t take up much space, so it’s great for small apartments. The sauna blanket costs $599 and you can use code ELISSAG.

Brain Tap

Tech-savvy people will love this brain fitness app that calms down your racing mind. Anyone who struggles with high stress, difficulty sleeping, and low energy will appreciate Brain Tap. For $9.99 a month, you can choose from six bundles: sleep RX, weight wellness, optimal health, stress-free me, worry-free me, or children and learning. Each bundle contains 20-30 sessions of neuro-algorithms to guide the brain through a range of brainwave patterns gently. The bundles focus on different needs like weight maintenance, stress management, and insomnia. These patterns restore the brain’s balance and energy. Brain Tap sells a unique headset with light and sound frequencies to enhance the bundles for $647. 

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

The Dyson Air Purifier removes 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It purifies, heats, and cools your whole room. The purifiers range from $499 – $749.

Ergatta Rower

The Ergatta rower is one of a kind. That’s not, however, the only thing that makes it great. Any rower is capable of engaging 86 percent of your muscles (unlike stationary bikes and treadmills), but Ergatta stands out for an engaging, gamified experience unlike any other. For $2,499 you can own a workout machine like no other.


BioLight is a cutting-edge, innovative red light therapy with patent-pending technologies that are designed & engineered according to the most up-to-date, highest-quality photobiomodulation research. The prices range from $39 – $4,999.

The Chef Gift Guide

Nama Juicer

There’s nothing more refreshing than healthy, cold-pressed juice. Anyone who loves juice will appreciate this fantastic Nama Cold Press Juicer. It’s my favorite juicer because it gets the most nutrients out of fresh fruits and vegetables without compromising quality or requiring a tedious clean-up. The high-quality juicer also squeezes a lot more juice out of produce than other juicers I’ve had in the past. Plus, it’s super simple to use and has a ten-year warranty. Grab either a white or black Nama Cold Press Juicer for $550 and use code ELISSA10.

Non-Toxic Cookware

Beautiful, non-toxic cookware is an excellent gift for anyone who recently moved into a new home or could simply use a refresh on their current collection. My two favorite brands are Caraway Home and Our Place. Caraway Home sells a variety of cookware ranging from complete sets to individual pieces, and they all come in beautiful colors and are non-stick and non-toxic. Use code Elissagoodman10 for a discount. Our Place sells an excellent product, the Always Pan, that can replace eight traditional cookware pieces. It can be used as a frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, and spoon rest. It even comes with a steamer insert and a spatula. The Always Pan costs $145, and Caraway Home ranges from $95 – $599. 

Breville Oven Air Fryer Pro

The Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is for the cook who desires a countertop oven that can roast for large gatherings, air fry crispy French fries & family favorites and dehydrate a wide range of healthy foods. The super convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30% with great crispness!

Brightland Olive Oil Sampler

Celebrate the merging of art and food with category-changing artists who have designed each special label for our infused, cold-pressed olive oils. Includes: ARDOR olive oil infused with red chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, chipotle peppers, and paprika, ROSETTE olive oil infused with garlic, LUCID olive oil infused with lemon, and ARISE olive oil infused with basil.

S’well Salad Bowl

Any veggie-lover will be obsessed with the S’well Salad Bowl. Upgrade your salad in organized style with the all-in-one Salad Bowl Kit, the perfect companion for at-home meal prep and on-the-go eating.

Kilner Fermentation Set

The Kilner Fermentation Set provides the easy way to create your own delicious fermented foods packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures. For $50 you can make your own live cultures of sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and much more. Creating your own fermented foods is straight forward, just add your favorite vegetables, water and salt.

Flamingo Estates

Flamingo Estates is a local LA garden that makes curated vegetable boxes and sells fresh olive oil. I LOVE ordering these boxes as gifts for people because I feel like I’m directly improving their health. They also put together fantastic curated holiday baskets filled with organic candles, olive oil, and snacks. My favorite, the Regenerative Farm Box, is filled with fresh and local vegetables packaged by community-supported farmers. The prices depend on the box and availability.


For those in the Los Angeles area, my S.O.U.P. Cleanse and One-on-One private session make for a thoughtful and health-centered gift delivered right to your loved one’s door. Email to learn how to order a gift card. I hope you have a restful and relaxing holiday season spent with all those you love!



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