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The Collagen Dream Team You Need

There are so many different kinds of collagen on the market these days, so I am more selective than ever about what type I use and recommend to clients. Further Food’s Chocolate and Vanilla Dream Team bundle comprises two of their most popular collagen peptide products, and I love both delicious flavors equally. The collagen in the bundle stands apart from others on the market for many reasons, the most significant being that it contains potent mushrooms. The two different types of mushrooms in the Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Peptides boast different advantages, making it ideal to alternate between the two products. Aside from all of the impressive benefits that the mushrooms provide, which I discuss in detail below, the collagen peptides have helped make my skin super radiant, my nails stronger, and my hair healthier and shinier than ever before. 

Vanilla Collagen Peptides Plus Beauty Mushroom

This Vanilla Collagen works to heal leaky gut, which is a significant problem for countless people worldwide, including many of my clients. Research suggests that leaky gut is to blame for a whole slew of issues, including some food allergies, thyroid disease, autoimmune issues, joint pain, slow metabolism, and more. Millions of people suffer from it without even realizing it. Further Food’s Vanilla Collagen Peptides also works to curb cravings, which so many of us struggle with on a daily basis. 

And the collagen peptides go beyond improving gut health. The tremella mushroom included in the Vanilla Collagen Peptides is known as a beauty mushroom. I like to think of it as nature’s hyaluronic acid because it increases skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. I can say with complete certainty that taking this collagen has made my skin glow for the last few years. Further Food’s Vanilla Collagen Peptides Plus Beauty Mushrooms contains zero sugar and only four real food ingredients: collagen peptides, natural vanilla flavor powder, tremella mushroom, and monkfruit. I love adding the Vanilla Collagen Peptides to warm beverages like golden turmeric lattes to make them even more creamy and delicious. 

Chocolate Collagen Peptides Plus Reishi Mushroom

Further Food’s Chocolate Collagen is just as beneficial as the Vanilla, but for different reasons. One of which is that it contains Reishi mushroom. Referred to as “the mushroom of immortality,” Reishi is thought to promote longevity, memory, intellectual capacity, prevention of heart disease, liver health, low blood pressure, and emotional calm. 

The powerful medicinal mushroom has also been known to reduce inflammation and chronic fatigue as well as tumor growth and cancer – which is why I recommend Further Food’s Chocolate Collagen to all of my clients struggling with cancer. The Reishi mushroom has also been said to lessen anxiety and depression and improve sleep quality. I love adding the Chocolate Collagen Peptides to smoothies, baking with it, or even adding it to my coffee from time to time. 


The Vanilla and Chocolate Collagen Peptides in the Dream Team Bundle are easy to digest due to them being grass-fed and pasture-raised. Further Food’s Collagen Peptide products are the only collagen peptides that I have come across that do not contain any gums, flavorings, or unnecessary additives. They are completely clean and made entirely from whole food ingredients, which is almost impossible to come by in collagen products. The peptides contain no sugar and 1 gram of carbs or less, making them so much better for you than other collagen products. And I guarantee you will not find another collagen product on the market that is as high quality and contains the same potent mushrooms as the collagen peptides in Further Food’s Chocolate and Vanilla Dream Team Bundle.
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