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The Program I Am Using Right Now to Reset Post 4th

Requesting a pulse check from anyone who celebrated the July 4th holiday as much as I did! Every year, I look forward to the 4th of July weekend because it encapsulates several of my favorite parts of life: friends and family, a healthy mix of fun and relaxation, summertime, a splash of tequila, and FOOD. It was a wonderful long weekend, but after numerous days of alcohol and snack foods, which I am not accustomed to, my gut is begging me for a quick reset. 

If you are not familiar with my reset mentality, allow me to explain. If you are a relatively healthy individual who has, like me, gone off the health wagon for a few days or even a few weeks, sometimes all you need to get back on track is an intensive few days of pure nutrition. I’m talking about consuming only super nutrient-dense foods, beverages, and supplements while avoiding the not-so-good stuff like refined sugar, alcohol, saturated fat, gluten, low-quality animal protein, and dairy. But when I say intensive, I do not mean restrictive. Sure, during reset periods, I like to avoid the items previously mentioned, but I do NOT like to deprive my body of calories, healthy fat, and fiber, which is why I never encourage my clients to do standard juice cleanses (which can often make you feel worse).  

That’s why this week’s blog is dedicated to showcasing our various RESET options. Each program is designed to deliver a high concentration of nutrients over a short period, helping you quickly regain your health momentum after a holiday weekend, a trip, or a hectic spell that made it challenging to prioritize your well-being. Let’s get into it. 

3-Day Digestion Reset Cleanse

The 3-Day Digestion Reset Cleanse is the newest addition to the EG Kitchen Cleanse family. Its components are all cooked/prepared for you and delivered right to your door, so you don’t need to lift a finger. Designed to give your digestive system the rest it deserves without depriving you of vital nutrients, this quick 3-day cleanse is perfect for when you feel your digestive tract could use a reset, when you are experiencing consistent bloating, or when you are trying to meet weight loss goals. I also recommend it to my clients who are taking all the right steps for their nutrition day-to-day but their digestive health feels off. 

This cleanse leverages the benefits of the migrating motor complex (MMC), a natural cleansing cycle in your digestive system that occurs when your stomach and intestines are empty. Typically, the MMC operates every 90 to 120 minutes when there’s no food to digest, helping to clear out undigested particles and prevent bacterial overgrowth. By giving your digestive tract a break from constantly digesting food, this primarily liquid cleanse allows your MMC to truly get to work and clear out your system. I am currently doing this reset cleanse as we speak (per se), and after just one day, I am already feeling so much better. 

The cleanse provides a rest for your digestive tract by offering nutrient-dense and satiating liquids each day in the form of soups, detox tonics, protein smoothies, healing lattes, and bone broth (vegan option available). We have also included a mouth-watering chia pudding that provides nourishment and ensures that while your digestive system rests, it continues to function effectively, thanks to the fiber boost. I promise you will feel ultra-replenished without a hint of depletion on this reset. 

This 3-Day Digestion Reset Cleanse includes the following:

  • 3 Signature Detox Tonics
  • 3 Chia Puddings
  • 3 Organic Chicken Bone Broths (if you prefer vegan broth, please request this change in the notes section at checkout)
  • 3 Green Smoothies
  • 3 Wild Berry Smoothies
  • 3 Different Soups
  • 2 Inner Peace (Cacao & Reishi) Lattes
  • 1 Harmony (Turmeric) Latte
  • 3 Ultima Electrolyte Packets
  • 3 Healthy Flora Probiotic Capsules (by Dr. Nigma Talib)

If you are located in Southern California, you can learn more and sign up for the 3-Day Digestion Reset Cleanse here

Digital Reset Guides

Not local to Southern California? No problem! I have developed a collection of digital reset guide programs that you can complete from anywhere in the world. These digital guides allow you to reap similar benefits to the delivered cleanse at a reduced cost. Some of my regular local cleanse clients choose to do these digital options in between delivered cleanse periods, or when they are traveling, so they are never without a reset. 

These programs exclude processed foods, gluten, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, GMO soy, corn, and alcohol, helping you to reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism, and strengthen your immunity. They focus on plant-based, nutrient-dense foods that energize and revitalize your body without depriving you of flavor, satisfaction, or calories. 

The digital resets are available in flexible 1-day, 3-day, 5-day, and 7-day formats. Each guide comes with a detailed menu, daily schedule, delicious comprehensive and carefully curated recipes, and supplement recommendations that make the transition as smooth as possible. Our guides ensure that you are fully supported every step of the way, and I even provide you with email access to me should you have any questions throughout the process. You can learn more about the digital reset options and sign up here


Resetting after a fun weekend should not be miserable. With these reset options, you will look forward to the post-party period because, if you are anything like my clients, resetting will be healing and revitalizing. Are you ready for your reset? Dive right into it today!



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