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Thorne Wellness Series Part 5: Healthy Aging

Something that always bothers me is the way society depicts aging. It seems our culture tells us that getting older is this slow-impending doom we will all inevitably experience, so we’d better “live it up” while we still have the time. This notion is especially deleterious and prevalent for women. Take it from someone who was diagnosed with cancer at 32:  aging is notsomething to be afraid of, and truthfully, the radiance, confidence, and freedom that comes with age is a beautiful thing to see and experience.

No matter what our culture tells you, how you will age is your decision! You can choose to make healthy lifestyle decisions, savor life, and be thankful for every new day (okay, for most new days!). Here are my top tips for healthy aging:

Listen to your body, and treat it with kindness

This is a big one. No one knows your body better than its owner. Is there a type of food that makes you feel “off” every time you eat it? That’s your body speaking to you. Don’t feel well whenever you give your time around to that person? Your body is speaking to you. Do you feel great after eating a particular meal every time you make it? Your body is speaking to you. If you listen to these subtle cues and trust your intuition, then taking care of yourself through diet, lifestyle, boundary-setting, and beyond will become easier and easier – and will help you age vibrantly.

Limit stress

Stress is something we all deal with. But it’s chronic stress that is bad for everyone and can lead to a host of negative health issues – mental and physical. In today’s ever-changing world, de-stressing is easier said than done, but it’s necessary for healthy aging. The number one piece of advice I give to my stressed-out clients is to practice mindfulness, which means focusing on the present moment. Yoga and meditation help you do this almost unconsciously, so I encourage you to give either a try (or push yourself to get back to your mat). If you aren’t sold on these, then take a walk in nature or do some breathing exercises – that can make a big difference, too!

Get moving

You don’t have to sign up for a Pilates class or next month’s community 5K to get your exercise. More sweat doesn’t mean better – especially for women. Find an activity you enjoy that keeps you moving – whether it’s taking a walk with a friend, doing 15 minutes of yoga, or doing a bit of gardening, they will all benefit your health. On days in, aim to move your body every hour, even if it’s just a walk around the house. I personally advocate adopting a dog because a pooch will not only keep you moving but keep wonderful company, too!

Take supportive supplements

Certain aspects of modern life – such as processed food, low-quality soil, and schedules that leave us burnt out – have made it harder for our bodies to detoxify, absorb nutrients, and carry out their many miraculous processes. A little support from a few select nutritional supplements can make a world of difference in helping your body and brain age beautifully. Thorne is my go-to for supplements when it comes to healthy aging. Here’s what I recommend to my clients:

NiaCel 200 – Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD+ is a crucial coenzyme needed for your cells to generate energy. The body uses NAD+ any time we do something that requires energy, yet we lose up to half of our NAD+ level by age 40! Taking Thorne’s NiaCel 200 helps boost your body’s level of NAD+, therefore increasing your daily vitality.

NAC – N-acetylcysteine (or NAC) is a sulfur-containing amino acid that possesses powerful antioxidant activity. For older adults, supplementing with NAC helps maintain an adequate level of glutathione – the molecule known as the “Mother of All Antioxidants!”

Q-Best 100 – You’ve likely heard of CoQ10 by now – it’s an antioxidant our bodies make that boasts a range of health benefits – but it also decreases as we age. A low level of CoQ10 in the body has been linked to an number of nasty health conditions you want to avoid. I recommend Thorne’s Q-Best 100 because it’s a well-absorbed proprietary form of CoQ10 that provides support against oxidative stress and promotes cellular energy production.

PolyResveratrol-SR – I LOVE Thorne’s PolyResveratrol-SR because it contains such a fantastic blend of plant compounds that support healthy aging. The key ingredients include green tea phytosome, resveratrol, curcumin phytosome, quercetin phytosome, and pterostilbene. Each of these ingredients helps optimize cellular energy, promotes detoxification, and supports anti-inflammatory processes – all of which will help you feel your best every day.

Vitamin D/K2 Liquid – Thorne’s vitamin D/K2 Liquid has been on my list of favorites for years. Vitamin D is all the rage for optimizing immune function and promoting overall health these days, but did you know emerging evidence has found that combining vitamin K2 with vitamin D provide greater support to both immune function and the cardiovascular system than when taken alone? Not only that, but most of us don’t meet our intake requirement for vitamin K2 because it isn’t found in a wide range of foods. Knowing this, I recommend a daily dose of this liquid form of these two important vitamins to all my clients. Easy and tasteless, just add a couple of drops to your morning smoothie or juice, and you’re good to go.


Another great way to jumpstart your journey of healthy life changes (or if you’re just a biohacker!) is to take Thorne’s Biological Age Test. This easy-to-take at-home test analyzes the impact that your lifestyle, nutrition, illness, and genetics is having on your body and provides key insights so you can make the changes that will improve your health, wellness, and longevity!

If you’re having a hard time coming to terms with aging, then I get it. It took me years to get to the positive point of view I have now. But I whole-heartedly encourage you to work on loving those crow’s feet and smile lines – because they represent years of wisdom, rich experiences, and joy.



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