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When Chemo and Radiation Aren’t Enough


As you know, I said no to chemo. You read why last week. I heard from several of you about how chemo was the right choice for you. And to you, I say, thank God.

It’s been really enlightening to hear your chemo and cancer stories.

It’s such a personal choice. But, if you choose traditional, allopathic medicine (like chemo and radiation) PLEASE know it’s not enough when it comes to treating cancer.

I received an email a few weeks ago that broke my heart. A woman whose sister was diagnosed with Lymphoma reached out to find out what her sister should do. I sent over the suggestions from below to compliment her chemo. Her sister was rushed into heavy doses of chemo and didn’t have the time to apply the alternative approaches. Two weeks later, her 18 year old sister died from an infection. It KILLS me when I hear this. The chemo approach was intended to cure her cancer and ended up destroying her immune system leading to her death by sepsis.

Support your healing with an integrative approach. Although, cancer may be a journey you have unwillingly been dragged on, you need to embrace the journey, build a team around you, and “Kick Cancer’s Ass”.

Where to start?


Make it your mission to find the best oncologist you can for your particular cancer. Put in the effort to discover the people who are most qualified to put your life in their hands. You aren’t bound to the first oncologist you encounter, I suggest using those around you as resources and for referrals. Research the best hospitals for cancer treatment, do your homework – the best oncologists are naturally going to be associated with the best facilities.

U.S. Health News 

National Cancer Institute 

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Begin to build your integrative team. Your oncologist is NOT enough. You need total body, mental, and spiritual support, and if you incorporate the conventional treatment route, an integrative approach will help you deal better with the side effects. Your integrative team will develop nutritional recommendations, targeted supplements, IV’s, stress management tips, and other integrative therapies to improve your overall well-being. Some cancer centers will already have an integrative team on staff, like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America or if your hospital does not have an integrative team, you can research for well qualified integrative practitioners here or naturopathic physicians here.

  1. CHOOSE AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH.  I recommend exploring the following treatments to support and compliment your chemo and radiation:

Nutritional IV Therapy – No more cookies and boxed orange juice in the waiting rooms at cancer centers (please!).  Nutritional support for the cancer patient is often the most overlooked modality, but nutritional support is imperative.  Conventional treatments can damage the digestive tract and affect absorption of essential nutrients.  Nutritional IV therapy provides a strategic combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that work to impair further cancer cell development and provide the patient every opportunity to be fully supported, respond better to conventional treatments and keep the immune system strong. One of my favorite resources in Los Angeles is at the Be Hive of Healing 

Anthroposophical Therapy – Anthroposophic medicine integrates theories and practices of modern medicine with alternative, nature-based treatments and a spiritual-scientific understanding of the human being. The practice is based on Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner’s concept of anthroposophy, a scientific and philosophical worldview that connects the spiritual within the human being to the spiritual in nature, the world and the cosmos. You can find out more through the Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapy or Be Hive of Healing (Los Angeles).

Nutrition CounselingSupporting your diagnosis with nutritional counseling will provide you a plan on how to use natural, non-toxic food/herbs/botanicals to support your body, boost immune function, and alleviate symptoms and side effects from conventional therapies

Enzymatic Therapy – Form of metabolic therapy that involves taking enzyme supplements (natural proteins) to stimulate biological reactions from the body.  These enzymes assist the body in efficiently breaking down food and absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream.  Metabolic enzymes rebuild and regenerate damaged cells in blood, tissues, and organs. Enzyme therapy can assist in relief of digestive issues and strengthen immune system. 

Mental and Emotional Counseling – Mind body medicine is a powerful tool and focuses on the synergy between brain, mind, body, and behavior.  Techniques such as deep breathing, guided meditation, visual imagery, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, and spirituality help you to direct all energies on positivity and healing.  This also works to prohibit the emotional distress of a cancer diagnosis from further hindering your health.

  1. THINK OUT OF THE BOX.  It’s important to know of places that offer an “outside of the box” approach to cancer treatment. It’s not for everyone, but if you are explorative and wiling to open your mind to alternative options, I suggest researching these wellness institutes that incorporate the “food as medicine” philosophy.

Hippocrates Health InstituteFounded on the principle “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food” the Hippocrates Institute offers a transformative cancer wellness program created specifically to “maximize the benefits of treatment by integrating alternative medical therapies with standard medical care.”  The program includes regenerative treatments, biofeedback sessions, stress management, and supervised nutritional programs.

The Gerson Institute San Diego – Alternative, non-toxic treatment institute, based on the natural treatments created by Dr. Max Gerson.  The institute uses food (in particular an organic, plant-based diet with raw juices and natural supplements) to treat the underlying causes of cancer and disease. The Gerson philosophy was created to reactivate your body’s ability to heal itself without damaging side effects.

The Schachter Center for Complimentary Medicine – The Schachter Center emphasizes CAIM medical treatment: Complementary,  Alternative, and Integrative. The Center develops an individualized and holistic treatment plan for each patient.  Treatment programs emphasize lifestyle changes and address diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and stress management.  For many patients, programs involving injectable vitamins, minerals and chelating agents play a major role in treatment. Dr. Schachter also contributed to this great book, Alternative Medicine Guide to Cancer.

Optimum Health Institute of San Diego & AustinThe Optimum Health Institute aims to rejuvenate physical, emotional and spiritual health through vegetarian raw food, juicing, lymphatic exercise, colon hydrotherapy and prayer.

You can explore more alternative and complementary therapy center’s here.



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