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CBD Oil – Healing with Mother Nature

It’s my passion to help people decipher the controversial health info out there and make decisions that speak to their needs. Throughout my own healing process, there were so many alternative health professionals that I looked up to and trusted to guide me through my process. My goal is to pay it forward and be that same force for other people in their journey to health. It’s my mission to be approach health information with an open mind, unswayed by my personal bias, and give you real, trusted information you can feel good about applying. This approach is what allowed me to heal myself and can help you to do the same.

One of the more controversial topics I’ve kept my eye on over the years is CBD and medical marijuana. It’s been a hot topic in health and in politics for so long. It finally feels like some we’re making progress towards a true sense of understanding it rather than demonizing it with cultural assumptions, though I can understand why it has gotten its reputation. Regardless of where you sit on the legalization debate, when it comes to CBD, there are some really important things everyone should be open to understanding. I feel that the health benefits of CBD oil is a really important matter to share with my readers.

What is CBD Oil?

When it comes to CBD oil there is a TON of confusion out there. Because it’s a component that’s found in marijuana, it seems to have falsely been given a bad rap. CBD aka Cannabidiol is a plant oil found in the plants belonging to the cannabis family. It’s one of over 60 chemicals found in a variety of plants in this family. Unlike THC, which is the psychoactive component to marijuana, CBD has no psychotropic properties but has a ton of potent healing mechanisms with little to no side effects.

Is CBD legal?

This is where things get even trickier. CBD oil doesn’t necessarily come from what we know as marijuana but can also come from completely legal hemp. Hemp and Marijuana are two different varieties of the same species of plant, cannabis sativa. The variety we refer to as hemp, is high in CBD but incredibly low in THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. Hemp is entirely legal and primarily grown for fiber and oil. Though hemp oil doesn’t contain CBD, special extraction methods from the flower bud can create CBD oil. In fact, many CBD products out there are derived from hemp NOT marijuana, since it’s easier to legally grow. Regardless, the federal government still recognizes CBD as an extract of cannabis which they deem as illegal, despite the fact that it can be derived from a completely legal plant and has no mind-altering effect! CBD oil is legal in all the 28 states that have legalized medical marijuana. 16 additional states have made a legal exception for CBD as its healing power becomes increasingly clear.

Relieves pain and inflammation

CBD is incredibly inflammatory and acts almost like an analgesic when it comes to pain, especially neurological pain. What this means is that it “numbs” the nerve endings that signal the brain that you’re in pain. For people dealing with chronic pain, CBD is a million times less harmful that opioids which have caused an addiction epidemic in this country.

Reduces anxiety

While those who may have experienced a paranoia in any college experimenting, may not believe it, CBD actually reduces anxiety. Again, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that can cause feelings of anxiety in many people. CBD on the other hand has the opposite effect. It’s been shown to improve panic disorders, social anxiety, and even helps with public speaking.

Helps with seizure disorders

CBD has most famously shown promise for children suffering from epileptic seizure disorders. In one study children had on average tried 12 different medications before trying CBD and 80% found it effective.  

May help prevent diabetes

It also seems as though CBD also has an effect on insulin and diabetes. It’s been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation in the pancreas.

Fights Cancer

CBD fights cancer cells by encouraging cancer cell death, specifically in breast cancers. This means it literally kills cancer cells yet it doesn’t harm healthy ones, unlike chemo which tends to target all cells. Tests also showed that CBD didn’t present risk of toxicity for prolonged use.

Why is understanding CBD so important?

Something to consider, aside from all the amazing things CBD can do, is that using CBD is really safe in comparison to standard medical treatments for many of these conditions. It works with the body to heal rather than simply masking symptoms. When you consider the loads of prescription meds being prescribed each year (along with their terrifying side effects) to treat these exact conditions, it’s hard to imagine how a simple and effective plant chemical landed on the naughty list.  

Regardless of how you feel about the legalization of marijuana, it’s clear that CBD is a safe and effective way to help people heal, that won’t leave you high on the couch with munchies. Understanding this is crucial to being able to make an informed decision when it comes to using natural, plant medicines to heal yourself.

What do I suggest?

I was turned on to the Quicksilver line by a doctor that I respect. You can find the oil here:

Remember, CBD oil is legal in all the 28 states that have legalized medical marijuana. 16 additional states have made a legal exception for CBD as its healing power becomes increasingly clear. Not all states have legalized its use. Speaking with a medical marijuana expert can help you choose the right blend for you – there are many strains without psychoactive affects that are specifically designed for healing.



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