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I Am Here to Support You; We Are in This Together

It is no doubt a scary time for all of us and my heart is with anyone who is sick or has a loved one that is battling COVID-19. With cities going into lockdown, schools closing for the remainder of the semester, travel bans being put into place, major corporations closing their doors, and local businesses unsure what the future holds for them, there is a palpable feeling of unease in the air. I wholeheartedly believe in the precautions being implemented by various cities to encourage people to stay home because I know that social distancing is one of the only ways to prevent this ruthless virus from spreading. With that being said, I know it feels scary to a lot of people to feel “stuck” inside. Isolating is not something that feels natural or comfortable for me. But I am choosing to look at our decisions to stay home as a beautiful act of solidarity. We are in this together, sacrificing our sense of normalcy so that our health professionals have the chance to help as many people as possible.

It is pretty remarkable to consider the idea that most of us are being forced to slow down together. In some ways, that can be regarded as a positive – even if it does not feel like it. Many of us are working from home and now have some unforeseen availability to practice self-love. That may mean taking advantage of the newly available online yoga courses (CorePower Yoga is offering free online classes for everyone), beginning or strengthening your meditation practice (I love both Headspace and Calm), reading a new book, or taking an online course in a topic that has always been of interest to you (platforms like Coursera and edX offer skill-building online classes from world-class universities and companies).

I am also available to meet with you live one-on via my Virtual Zoom Video Sessions. These sessions can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have a webcam or smartphone. I will talk with you about your current health, your goals, your diet and any other physical or emotional health concerns you want to cover. I will provide you with feedback during the session and will follow up with an email recap that will outline a food program, supplement recommendations, and lifestyle recommendations if necessary. You will also receive a complimentary 15-minute follow up call to cover any questions that may arise after you begin implementing the strategies that we develop together.

I have been meeting virtually with many clients to arm them with tools to boost their immune systems during this critical time. Some of the advice that I am giving includes:

Start taking bioactive silver because it is a natural antiviral. You can take a tablespoon in the morning and another one at night. Sovereign is a wonderful brand.

I also definitely recommend taking a strong probiotic of 100 or 150 billion. I love Genuine Health.

You can also use liposomal vitamin C because it is another natural antiviral that is fast absorbing. Quicksilver is my favorite brand for vitamin C.

Ionized Zinc is another great way to boost the immune system. Take two droppers worth twice daily for the best results. I loved Eidon Ionic Zinc Liquid Concentrate.

Liquid vitamin D is another fantastic way to increase your body’s defense process. Be sure to take a minimum of 5,000 IU daily. I love Thorne and Pure Encapsulations.

Lysine is another antiviral – lots of people use it to stave off cold sores, but it isalso smart to take it at a time when a virus is running rampant. I recommend taking up to 4,000 mg of Lysine per day and Pure Encapsulations is a brand that I trust.

E-mail my team at to set up your 60-Minute Virtual Zoom Video Session today so that I can provide you with even more personalized nutrition and wellness advice to help boost your immune system and get you feeling better if you are under the weather. I am also still fulfilling orders for my delivered SOUP Cleanse here in Los Angeles. I love that I can still nourish you with 5 days’ worth of healthy and delicious immune-boosting foods. There are still a couple of spots open for the weeks of March 23rd and April 6th and you can sign up here.

I encourage everyone to spread love as a way to neutralize some of the fear that is circulating. Check-in with your elderly and immunocompromised neighbors and offer to help them collect supplies – even if that means just making them aware of services like Instacart, Postmates, Grubhub, etc. Purchase gift cards from your favorite small restaurants to help support them through this challenging time and give yourself a little treat that you can look forward to when they open back up. Rather than canceling appointments, reschedule them for later so it is just a delay of income rather than a loss. Go on a walk outside in an uncrowded area. And continue checking in virtually with your friends and family. We are lucky to live in an age when video calls are available to many of us – seeing a familiar smiling face can do wonders to lift your spirits.

As always, I am here with you, sending you light and love. Stay safe and happy.



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