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Join Me for Further Food’s Free February Sugar Detox Challenge!

I am so excited to be one of the coaches for Further Food’s Sugar Detox Challenge taking place February 22nd through March 3rd! The challenge is completely free, and you will receive an E-book full of recipes, meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and healthy snack options. It is important to take regular sugar detoxes to help reset your body from the harmful effects of sugar. I am super strict about the detox programs that I participate in and recommend to others because I am not a fan of deprivation-based challenges. But Further Food’s Sugar Detox Challenge is totally manageable and offers a ton of satiating, nutrient-dense, and delicious food options. The program includes recommended foods to eat and avoid for various diet types such as vegan, vegetarian, keto, and more. 

The Challenge also includes 10 days worth of free coaching videos by health experts like me. Each day, we will be providing you with different best practices and tips for completing the Challenge. The focus of my videos will be proper hydration and quality sleep – two topics you know I am very passionate about! I’ll be sharing the same advice with you that I give to my one-on-one clients. You will also have access to Further Food’s Sugar Detox Challenge Facebook Group  where you can get support from others who are participating in the Challenge and have access to a Further Food team member to answer any questions that you may have. 

If you want to take the Sugar Detox Challenge a step further, Further Food is offering several different bundle add-ons that feature some of their most popular products to support you throughout the Challenge. The Supreme Sugar Detox Bundle includes Further Food’s original Collagen Peptides, Chocolate Collagen Peptides, Superfood Turmeric, and Superfood Matcha. I’m most excited about the Vegan Sugar Detox Bundle because it includes the Superfood Turmeric and Superfood Matcha, but it also contains Vegan Beauty – Further Food’s new all natural collagen booster made of 6 premium plant-based ingredients. You know that I choose plant-based options whenever possible, so I am thrilled that Further Food now offers this vegan collagen booster packed with tons of clinically proven ingredients like Vitamin C & E and Aloe Vera for radiant skin, hair and nails. Many of the  recipes provided in the complimentary E-book include these products to give your body the lift it needs throughout the Challenge. I recommend adding a bundle to get the most out of this 10-Day Challenge – and don’t forget to use my code, Elissa, for 15% off!

I encourage my clients and loved ones to do regular sugar detoxes because sugar is so damaging to our overall health. Ultra-processed sugar wreaks havoc on the digestive system. It feeds the growth of damaging organisms like yeast, candida, and bad bacteria, which can seriously harm the gut. Bad bacteria produce toxins, called exotoxins, that damage healthy cells and can physically bore a hole into your intestinal wall. This can lead to a leaky gut, which is when toxins, partially digested food, and dangerous bacteria slip through the intestinal wall and penetrate the tissue and bloodstream beneath it. This can cause a slew of issues like widespread inflammation, obesity, skin problems, and more. Not to mention that sugar can also be the culprit of increased heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk, energy crashes, amplified cellular aging, and even depression. It is extremely important to give your body the break from sugar that it deserves, and this Sugar Detox Challenge is the ideal way to do it! 


Sign-ups for Further Food ‘s February Challenge will close on Friday, February 19th, so be sure to register here ASAP. And don’t forget to use my code, Elissa, for 15% off your bundle add-ons!



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