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How ANGER Gave Me Cancer


Cancer was my wake up call. It doesn’t have to be yours.

I couldn’t see it at the time, but now I can see that the emotions I held onto were a huge contributor to my Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis. I was so angry. Holding onto anger toward my parents. Angry that I choose a career I had come to resent. Angry with The Universe for the cards I had been dealt.

Anger is like cancer. It grows and grows, taxing the naturally perfect working order of my body and mind.

I hadn’t a clue how toxic the vibration of anger is. The more anger I felt, the angrier I’d get.

Before I was told I had cancer, I had thought that anger was choosing me.  After my diagnosis, as I faced potential death, I was forced to consider the emotional choices I was making. I realized that, anger didn’t come from the world around me, it came from within me.

Today, I want to offer you a few things that helped me let go of this anger. I can tell you now, I’m glad I got the wake up call and lived through it so I can share this with you.

My desire is that you can get the call too, without it coming with a deadly diagnosis.

Here are a few things to do, right now, to still your anger.

1) LET IT GO: Ask yourself, is a cancer diagnosis worth holding onto this? The answer will always be NO. Get some perspective and realize that choosing anger has long term, debilitating effects.

2) LOVE THE PERSON YOU’RE ANGRY WITH: Sounds crazy? Try it. If there is a person at whom your anger is directed, try seeing them happy and thriving. Wish them well. This will shift your own experience, which is the only thing that really matters. Rather than feeling anger, you will have access to a soft, easy, love. This one takes practice.

3) ACKNOWLEDGE: Even if only 5% of any situation is your fault, look at your 5% as opposed to their 95%. You’re here for YOUR path, not theirs. Acknowledge how every situation is an opportunity for your growth…keep the focus on yourself.

Of everything I’ve written about, I’m most passionate about this one. Anger gripped my life, scorned my relationships and led me into the hands of a depleted immune system ultimately causing a cancer diagnosis. Stay cancer free.

Any thing pissing you off can become an opportunity to call more loving happiness into your life…if, and only if you choose to let go of the anger and invite the healing.

Here’s to your happiness. It’s the key to your health.



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